30 March, 2008

Great Weekend SOLD

This week at the Susan Carlin Art studio and Gallery the weather was lovely and I sold two little Riverwalk paintings. This one that I am posting today was barely dry! I am really loving these little paintings. Like Carol Marine said in one of her blogs--the little size makes them less intimidating and you are more likely to experiment and try new things when a great amount of time is not invested. I am finding that to be true and feel like I am learning with every one of these little "experiments". And I will be doing more as I sold three more on Saturday afternoon when I painted in the lobby of the Westin Riverwalk Hotel. That is just a lovely venue and all the staff has made me feel very welcome. Hope I will be able to continue with that.

23 March, 2008

Riverwalk Pigeon SOLD

These pigeons are a constant presence on the Riverwalk. They are so used to people that they just move in after your meal and start enjoying your leavings! Maybe I'll call this one "Leave it to Me". I struggled with the darker values in this one but like the loosness of the objects--trying to keep the pigeon as the most realized object on the table!

17 March, 2008

La Villita Window

Spent Saturday afternoon at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel. I set up my french easel and painted this little painting of a shop window in La Villita. I was right in the lobby across from the courtesy coffee table so had lots of lookers. My favorites are always the kids. They are so in awe of an artist and so genuwine with their compliments. Also sold a small painting of Rosita's Bridge so was a fun day.

14 March, 2008

La Villita Fountain SOLD

I guess right now I am more of a one a week painter than a one a day painter.

I am still aiming to simpify and unify my paintings. The artists I most admire have these traits. Also keep working on stronger design--just keep working! Sometimes there is a passage in one of my paintings that I really like and so I try to build on that--little bit by little bit! In this one I like the light on the steps in the middle foreground, but am not happy with the tree foliage in the background--just keep working! Tomorrow I will be painting in the lobby of the Westin Riverwalk Hotel. I'll be working on a small painting of a window of a La Villita shop.

08 March, 2008

Arneson Theater View

Friday was cold and blustery down at the Riverwalk. Not many people but I did alot of painting. This one is a view from the top of the steps facing the Arneson Theater. I like the value pattern in this one with the friendship sculpture in the background. Very San Antonio.

01 March, 2008

new Riverwalk Paintings SOLD

I have two new Riverwalk paintings and might have sold one fresh off the easel! Yesterday at the Susan Carlin Studio and Art Gallery in La Villita, I was working on a 6x6 of the Arneson Bridge when a very nice lady asked to buy it. I promised her I would post it on my blog when it was finished and she could buy it then if she liked the finished piece. So here it is and the price is $65.00 with $5.00 mailing. I will wait a week to hear from her. This situation brought up the possibility of installing a Pay Pal on my blog which seems to be a good idea. The other piece is a 6x8 called "Riverwalk Break" showing a restaurant table and chairs and some snacks.

Also wanted to mention that I will have a piece in the San Antonio Art League Juried Show coming up in April.