30 December, 2009

Riverwalk Xmas #1 SOLD

This will start a new series of Riverwalk paintings at Christmas. I love the way the lights transform the Riverwalk at Xmas. My gallery in Huntsville, Alabama--the Mill Villa Gallery, will begin its show with my still life paintings on Jan 1. The show will be up for 3 months and I have several new still lifes ready in case of sales--This is a new venue for me so can only hope it does well.

24 December, 2009

Riverwalk at Night #18 $265.00 8"x10" SOLD

Finished all my portraits and so happy that the client loved them. Portraits are a little tricky because often you do not know the people and are working from photos only. So I always make sure that the client is happey with the photo first! Anyway got those done and managed to fit in one more painting before Xmas. I really like this one. It has a real night glow that I love to capture.

20 December, 2009

Pencil Portraits

Have been drawing like crazy to get these portraits ready for Xmas. They are done on an acid free board and I use various pencils from a #2 school grade pencil to a DEsign pencil called Ebony. Also use Faber-Castell 6B and 7B. I also use a projector to block in the basic shapes. This saves me alot of time and erasing. Erasing graphite is a messy business and having the right shapes at the start keeps the portrait fresh. For those who might think that using a projector is cheating, I challenge them to try it sometime. What you are given is a sketchy cartoon--the shading and nuances of expression and personality are up to the artist.

11 December, 2009

Under the Bridge SOLD

Christmas is coming fast and I have 4 pencil portraits to do before the 25th. Also trying to keep up with the Riverwalk paintings. Went down the river last night and got lots of wonderful shots of the xmas lights-so much fun. Have joined the San Antonio Visual Artists group and have 3 paintings in their River Center show this month. It is in the River Center Mall right at the street entrance on Commerce Street. Lovely venue.

02 December, 2009

Riverwalk Calendar

Last year my friend Mary Ellen Matthews gave us a calendar made from photos that she took while on a trip to Africa. We have enjoyed that calendar so much and it got me thinking about making a calendar using my Riverwalk paintings as a gift for our families for Christmas. So I had a few made up and they turned out so nice, that I got to thinking that other people might like them as a gift also to give to friends and family that live here in San Antonio. So I am now offering this San Antonio Riverwalk 2010 Calendar featuring 12 of my original Riverwalk paintings for sale for $20.00 each. I guess I will have to add $5.00 for mailing so $25.00 total. Here is a preview of the cover and each month. Sorry some of the pics are not very squared up properly, but I hope you can get and idea of how it looks. It is a standard size of 8 1/2" x 11" and the date pages have plenty of room for writing. All the national holidays are noted just like a real professional calendar!

Riverwalk at Night #16 SOLD

Sure have done alot of these Riverwalk at Night pieces, but each one has been a challenge and people seem to like them. Plan to go down to the Riverwalk this month while all the Christmas lights are up and take lots more photos.