25 February, 2010

Mill Villa Gallery

We were in Alabama last week to accept some furniture as we have moved to a new condo that is unfurnished. So had the chance to visit my new gallery at the Lowe Mill Art Center in Huntsville. It is called the Mill Villa Gallery. My still lifes looked wonderful hung next to some beautiful hand decorated scarfs. The gallery is just lovely with a nice variety of paintings, jewelry and hand created clothing. February had been a slow month for them as weather is pretty rough--cold with snow. Hoping March and April will warm up the weather and sales!

Texas Sunset #3 8"x16" $325.00

I have been having alot of fun with these sunsets. I love the shapes of the clouds and the feeling of space plus all the drama of the colors--just delicious to paint.

11 February, 2010

Riverwalk Improved

Well, I went back into the studio and made some improvements. At least I like it better and am now ready to move on to another painting. Especially like that little blue highlight on the man's cap--like icing on a cake--it finished the painting for me!

Riverwalk at Night #19

Decided to name this Riverwalk at Night even though it is at Christmas. Got to thinking that Christmas is so seasonal and if people are not here at Xmas they won't relate, but everyone who visits the Riverwalk can relate to the night time view. I do not tend to put alot of importance on titles but better safe than sorry! I plan to do a little more on this one. Occasionally when I post a painting it will being out something on the computer that I didn't see in real viewing so I go back and try to get it fixed or better or change what ever it is that bothered me. In this case, the fence that runs across the painting is too solid--too strong--I think if I break it up some it will slow down your eye and let the viewer get more "in" to the painting--we'll see!

04 February, 2010

Texas Sunset 6"x12" $225.00 SOLD

I love this size for little landscapes and I loved the dramatic light of this sunset. We are having rainy weather this week so I am huddled up in my cozy studio with no distractions except for my one guilty pleasure--reality TV! I love the housewife series--especially housewives of Orange County!