18 September, 2016

Cactus and Wildflowers 2 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325

well, I didn"t stay away from this painting too long.  That vertical post was so strong that it bothered me.  so I added some more vertical branches of shrubbery to steal some of its thunder.  there is a design rule that says whatever there is least of in a painting will attract the most attention.  For instance, if you have a blank sheet of paper and place a black dot on it,  your eye will be drawn immediately to the dot.  That dynamic was happening here to the detriment of the painting.  Now the eye is attracted to the complexity of the shurbbery first.  The branches lead over to the post and the eye slides down the post into the cactus and foreground.  And that is another design element called "transportation"

17 September, 2016

Cactus and Wildflowers 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325

Haven't decided if this is done or not.  I see areas that can be simplified and strenthened.  so will set it aside for a few days and then look at it again.

13 September, 2016

Riverwalk sparkle 6"x6" gallery wrapped $75. SOLD

Riverwalk pieces are always fun and a challenge to me.  Have done so many that I am always looking for a fresh point of view.  This is Rosita's Bridge again, but done in a pink/green color scheme.  I like stretching the reality.  After all what is the point of painting if you just copy?

04 September, 2016

Hill Country Sky 18"x28" $525

After doing some experimenting with color and shape,  I am back to a more traditional approach and subject:  hill country landscape.  to me it is still the shapes and color that i find exciting to capture.  our skies are always a source of drama and wonder.  And the show is free!

22 August, 2016

Rosita's Bridge 6"x6" gallery wrapped $95 SOLD

Ran out of 5"x5" canvas so doing some 6"x6".  This is a very traditional Riverwalk scene but always fun to paint.  The bridge is named after a well loved Hispanic singer, Rosita,  who was quite popular in the 50's and often performed from this bridge.

19 August, 2016

5"x5" Alamo galley wrapped $75. SOLD

Got to take home an Alamo painting if you visit San Antonio!

15 August, 2016

Riverwalk Barges 5"x5" $75. SOLD

Hoping to have a set of 10 of these smalls ready for the re opening of the River Art Gallery and it "new" look.  These smalls are a great way  to take home a remembrance of the River walk as well as a real piece of art not made in China!

13 August, 2016

Riverwalk Entrance 5"x5" $75. SOLD

This is going to the River Art Gallery in La Villita.  They are currently closed and undergoing some updating to the interior.  Will re open on Aug 18 and i can't wait to see the new look.  please be sure to visit when you are taking visiting friend s to the Riverwalk.

27 June, 2016

Riverwalk Break 5"x5" gallery wrapped $75. SOLD

My Littles (4"x4")  and Smalls(5"x5")  are selling well at the Riverwalk.  I am starting to include more people in these and they are a fun challenge.

24 June, 2016

Street Dancing San Antonio Style 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325

Love this dancer series.  I start with a computerized image of my photo.. But then I start inventing and balancing and deleting.  For instance in this piece there were lots more people in the background.  the computer just makes a jumbled mess of it.  its my job as the artist to make sense of it , yet still retain that crazy fun color !

09 June, 2016

Riverwalk Reflection 10"x10" gallery wrapped $195

I loved the design of the umbrella shapes against the grid of windows.  By adding the bridge in the relection,the umbrella shape is inverted and ties it all together.

04 June, 2016

Marjket Suare dancers. Gallery wrapped 30"x30" $425

Not sure if this is finished yet.  Will let it sit for a few days.

28 May, 2016

Dudes 20"x30" gallery wrapped $525

I am really enjoying   getting back to painting people as a subject matter.  Am having fun flattening out some details and keeping others intact.  Like the pattern on the bandanas.  One is flat and the other shows quite  a bit of detail.

17 May, 2016

Margarita Time 5"x5" gallery wrapped $75

Always Margarita Time at the Riverwalk!    The challenge here was depicting people.

14 May, 2016

Riverwalk Red 5"x5" $75 SOLD

Have sold all my little Riverwalk pieces so doing some more.  My recent color exploration has helped me to simplify shapes and I believe that simplicity is lending strength to the design.  What do you think?

13 May, 2016

Dancers 12"x24" gallery wrapped $325

So I went through my photo file searching for pics that would work with this new way of breaking up the patterns and shapes with high keyed color.  Discovered so many pics that were sort of boring until you look at them in this different way.  I have always loved painting people and these dancers were down at Market Square one summer, enjoying the outdoor music.  I love how these colors are so intense but still retain the sense of space an depth.

09 May, 2016

Alamo at Night 9"x12" gallery wrapped $225 SOLD

So I have sold all my little (4"x4")  Riverwalk paintings.  Really need to do some more, but I am entranced by this new way of painting and seeing things.  Have decided that I will never be an abstract painter as I love to draw too much.  But this approach using color as a creative jump off point satisfies my need to change and grow.  What fun to create shapes with color while still retaining some recognizable object and even retain some depth and volume.  Have lots of ideas for this approach.  So much fun.

02 May, 2016

Even Cows get the Blues 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325 SOLD

So decided  to continue with my color experimenting.  Like why does a cow have to be any certain color and why do the trees have to be green?  So I decided to do a little Peter Max goes to Texas thing.  Remember Peter max and the psychedelic thing?  Yellow Submarine and the Beatles?  Yes, I am dating myself and proud of it!  Not that I was part of the pot and LSD crowd, but loved the artwork!  So here's to the 60's and Peter Max.

11 March, 2016

Shady Cows 4"x4" gallery wrapped canvas $55 SOLD at Art on 12

This "Little" is headed for the Wimberly Gallery Art on 12.

08 March, 2016

Moon over Desdemona 4"x4" $55. SOLD

Sold a couple of these littles at the Wimberly Gallery so doing some replacements.  Have painted this scene several times.  So simple but striking.

04 March, 2016

Alamo Little $55 SOLD

Good ole Alamo.  A true Texas icon and always fun to paint.

28 February, 2016

Under the Bridge Little 4"x4" gallery wrapped SOLD

Another Little to replace those sold at the Riverwalk.  Each one is a challenge to create a feeling and a space on a small scale.

26 February, 2016

Riverwalk Little 4"x4" $55 SOLD

Another small Riverwalk piece for the River Art Gallery in La Villita.  These are perfect for the tourist who wants a piece of real art at a small size and price.

12 February, 2016

Poinsettia Float 24"x24" gallery wrapped $525

Love exploring these shapes and colors!  This one looks like leaves floating in the ocean.  Or maybe a design for an Aloha shirt!

03 February, 2016

Poinsettia #3 24"x24" $525

I am loving this poinsettia series!  This time I decided to flip the colors,  making the leaves bright with color and the usually red part of the plant-green.  Then I just started in venting shapes and colors and bleeding the patterns into each other.  Lots of positive and negative space going on with the background space giving some relief to the business of the plant forms.  I love that kind of design tension as well as the color patterns.

25 January, 2016

Potted Plant 20"x24" $525

Well, I tried to push my colors a bit and that worked out pretty well.  Usually when I paint from a photo of say, a landscape; I can just refer to my photo if I hit a tough spot.  In these poinsettia paintings,  I am inventing the colors more and also the design.  For instance,  I found that the plant stems should look random but needed a stablizing element.  That is why I made those three largest leaves with a vertical orientation and then added the horizontal background lines to create a grid of sorts.

17 January, 2016

Poinsettia 24"x24" oil $325

I am trying something different!  I was inspired by my sister Penny's flower paintings so I took pictures of my Christmas Poinsettia plants to work from.  Decided to make a very conscious effort look at the shapes and colors as flat areas of color with very little shading.  Also pushed the colors to make the shapes even more dramatic.  What happened is that instead of trying to reproduce an effect with paint,  i realized I was creating my own effect, shapes and colors!  I am going to do some more like this and push the colors even more--fun!

08 January, 2016

Country Autumn 4"x4" $55

Love the autumn colors.  This is actually Alabama around late October.  We would pass this tree on our way to Huntsville.  Actually a clump of trees that the landowner deemed to let stand,  as all around is cultivated land.  Thankyou landowner because i love the shape and color against that cold clear sky!

06 January, 2016

Wimberly Boot

Every once in awhile the city of Wimberly holds an art auction raise funds for various city needs.  Since the town supports quite a few art galleries; we artists are happy to donate.  This year we were supplied with pre-cut boot shapes to decorate.  I chose to paint this sunset over  water scene.  I thought the light eminating in a vertical pattern was a perfect foil for the horizontal lines of the  clouds and shoreline.

02 January, 2016

Tables and Chairs 20"x24" $525

This is at the Blue Star Brewery, downtown San Antonio.  We often go there on Tuesday nights to hear our favorite big band group.  They often play Jim's arrangements and any new works he wants to hear played for the first time by an actual band since he creates his tunes on the computer.