28 February, 2015

Under an Auburn Sky 10"x20" gallery wrapped canvas donation

This will be our donation to the Auburn Knights fundraiser that takes place in July.  Thought I would give everyone a sneak peek so they can think about it and hopefully come to the reunion ready to bid!  Can't imagine a better way to keep the music alive than by supporting the Auburn Knights scholarship fund!
This auctioned off for $275.

23 February, 2015

Wimberly Fields 10"x10" gallery wrapped canvas $145 SOLD

Am trying so hard to loosen up my brushwork.  Don't know why it is so hard.  You would think that tight and exacting would be more difficult!

18 February, 2015

Layers 12"x12" deep wrapped canvas $225.00

Worked some more on this piece today.  I simplified the foreground quite q bit.  What I liked about the scene was the horizontal layers of color that the snow and shrubs formed.  I am happier with this version.  Now I think the foreground snow is just another layer but does come forward so there is still depth.

17 February, 2015

Layer Cake 12"x12" deep canvas no frame $225.00

I have been so inspired by the Facebook Art Challenge.  I have so enjoyed seeing the work of so many different artists.  I find that I am attracted to the pieces that are loosely painted.  Those that are more about the paint than the subject.  To just mention one because I like to keep these posts short--would be Jill Carver-fantastic!  So in this painting from my sisters roadtrip from Minnesota to New Mexico,  I tried to keep each layer looser.  I think I succeeded with the sky  and middle ground , but the foreground is too realistic?  Think I will work on a bit more--maybe get rid of divets in the snow--simplify simplify!!

11 February, 2015

Three in A row 12"x12" 195.00

After painting the snow scene,  I was in need of some color!  And still lifes are such a joy to paint.  I love concentrating on the shapes and the light and of course the reflections!