29 August, 2012

Lake Sky 8"x16" $225.00 SOLD

While I was painting this I thought--I may not understand politics and I for sure don't understand religion--but I am positive about my sense of wonder.  And whoever or whatever made a sky like this may just be trying to get our attention!

26 August, 2012

Around the Bend 10"x20" $425

Haven't painted for about 2 whole weeks-a long time for me!  Went to San Antonio for a 10 day visit with my kids and grandkids, then off to Minnesota with my sisters to check out my sister Pat's new home.  So I get back and dieing to paint and the first one I try is just awful!!  It was of some Aspen trees.  All slim vertical tree trunks and lots of thin branches against snow--a drawing nightmare and why I chose that--just dumb!  So this is my second attempt-so much better-from a trip my sister Penny and I took last year driving from Albuquerque to Taos to visit my friend Mary Matthews.