31 May, 2014

San Fernando Cathedral 8"x10" $195.00 SOLD

Last month I participated in the Fiesta Art Show at Main Plaza.  This Cathedral faces the Plaza and is one of the oldest churches in the US.  These roses were in full bloom and although I rarely paint flowers--these were too beautiful to resist.

21 May, 2014

Painted at the Beach

Just got back from a week in Panama City Florida.  Painted these two paintings while we were there.  Well, my pasty white skin can't take the sun and surf ALL day!  The top painting is called New Mexico Vista, 11"x14".  The bottom painting is called Roadside Bright", 14"x18".  I am hoping that these and a few other paintings will be accepted at a really nice gallery in San Antonio.  Should know by the end of the week and then can put a price on them.

06 May, 2014

Live Oaks and Spotted Mountain re-do

I am having alot of fun exploring the shapes of these Live Oak trees.  Hoping that as I do more of them, I will get looser and more dynamic with the brush.  I worked on the spotted mountain some more and am happier with it now.  This is a better photo but I also lightened up the purple mountain and added darker purples and brighter reds to the foreground.

03 May, 2014

Had a bit of trouble with the glare on this one and color is not quite true.  The Spotted mountain is not quite so dark, but after many photos this was the best one.  Don't know why some paintings are harder to photograph than others.  Think I will go back and place a few more vibrant darks in the foreground.  Since that mountain is so dark and dominant,  I think the foreground could use a little more interest to pull it forward and create more depth in the painting--can you see it?  I'll repost later and see if it helps.