29 November, 2010

The Stand Off 16"x20" $325.00 framed

I am trying to do some larger paintings as I want to start entering some shows and I think the small paintings get sort of lost in the shuffle sometimes. It definitely is a different dynamic. The larger pieces take more planning and under painting. What I can do in one day takes two and I think the mistakes are more glaring but maybe that is good--At least with oil paints if you see a bad area you can repaint until you're happy!

We went to the San Antonio Art League's fundraising gala last night. It was a silent auction of the donated paintings-over 200 paintings! They started at 4 pm through 8 pm. We didn't really want to stick around for 4 hours so arrived at 6 and my painting had already been sold and gone! Don't even know what they got for it but hope it was lots and lots!

20 November, 2010

Line 'Em All Up SOLD

Love these boats from our Italy trip. They are everywhere along the Cinque Terra coastal towns. I guess they are just pleasure boats as they don't look big enough for any serious fishing. And we learned that one thing the Italians are really good at is pleasure!

Just heard from the River Art Group Members competition that my "Laundry Italian Style" won second place in oils. I am pretty happy with that because the oil catagory always gets the most entries and there are lots of good painters. If you have a chance to get down to the Riverwalk this weekend, the show will be up until 4pm tomorrow. Its right there at the River Art Group Gallery in La Villita.

11 November, 2010

Cinque Terra Boats framed 12x16 $225.00

I believe these were boats at Porto Fino. It was a beautiful sunny day and so much fun to pretend we were part of the rich and famous that frequent this Italian Riviera! I loved this white boat glowing like a jewel in the sun and that is what I tried to capture. Its difficult to place a white object on a dark ground without it looking cut-out or floating there like a balloon-- so the red boat helps to balance and the boats in shadow help to give some more spatial depth to the image. Anyway-these are the kinds of visual problems that make each painting interesting and challenging.

06 November, 2010

Laundry-Italian Style 12"x12" $225.00 framed

Think I am going to love this Italian series. This one is on what they call a museum wrapped canvas. The sides are covered with canvas and I extend the colors around the sides so you don't need a frame. It gives a contemporary feel to the art work even when it is representational like mine. I like frames in general but fun to do something a little different and I am always in favor of fun!

02 November, 2010

Back from Italy

We are back from our fabulous tour of Northern Italy--now my new favortie country in the whole world--and I have seen alot of it! A special hello to all our wonderful tour mates and to our lovely and charming tour director-Anna. We devoted a week to laundry and chores and jet-lag but enough of that as I am ready to paint!! These are two drawings I have done to get started. Think I will do the "Italian Laundry" first. The Cinque Terra Boats will have to wait. I took so many great photos that I am sure I will have many many paintings to create. If you are a Facebook friend, you can go to my Facebook page and see all my photos-just click on Italy Trip. If you would like to be a Facebook friend-just send me an invite!