22 August, 2016

Rosita's Bridge 6"x6" gallery wrapped $95 SOLD

Ran out of 5"x5" canvas so doing some 6"x6".  This is a very traditional Riverwalk scene but always fun to paint.  The bridge is named after a well loved Hispanic singer, Rosita,  who was quite popular in the 50's and often performed from this bridge.

19 August, 2016

5"x5" Alamo galley wrapped $75. SOLD

Got to take home an Alamo painting if you visit San Antonio!

15 August, 2016

Riverwalk Barges 5"x5" $75. SOLD

Hoping to have a set of 10 of these smalls ready for the re opening of the River Art Gallery and it "new" look.  These smalls are a great way  to take home a remembrance of the River walk as well as a real piece of art not made in China!

13 August, 2016

Riverwalk Entrance 5"x5" $75. SOLD

This is going to the River Art Gallery in La Villita.  They are currently closed and undergoing some updating to the interior.  Will re open on Aug 18 and i can't wait to see the new look.  please be sure to visit when you are taking visiting friend s to the Riverwalk.