27 April, 2008

Ode to Carol Marine

This is the still life I decided to do--a 12x16. I'm calling it "Ode to Carol Marine" because I tried to emulate her style. She is a Painting a day artist who lives in Austin and does fabulous still life work. You can see and bid on her small daily paintings on EBay. I liked doing this one alot and plan to do more but hope that my own style will come through more--anyway it was a good exercise.

20 April, 2008

Maverick Plaza Fountain

Saturday at La Villita was pretty quiet, but lots of activity installing booths for NIOSA. One nice lady inquired about buying this Maverick Plaza Fountain painting so I promised to post it when it was finished and dry. It is $85.00 including the frame. Have to add $5.oo for mailing. She can leave me a comment or email to maclarkey@yahoo.com.
Have decided to do a still life next. I have done at least 10 of the small Riverwalk paintings and would like to do a larger format and different subject. Will see if what I have learned from the small paintings will translate-hope so.

14 April, 2008

Back from Albuquerque

Just got in from Albuquerque. Attended a surprise birthday party for my brother -in -law. He is dieing from a rare form of cancer but has outlived all predictions of his demise. I attribute it to excellent care through M. D.Anderson in Houston and also his remarkable wife-my younger sister and his remarkable children who arranged the entire party. All my sister had to do was get Michael out of the house for an hour. There were about 60 people there and some came from as far away as New York state and Minnesota! He is a well loved man.

So here is another Riverwalk painting--this one gets my vote for notecard status-what do you think?

07 April, 2008

more Riverwalk work-both are SOLD

Here are three more of the Riverwalk series. First one is of the entrance to Arneson Theatre. The second is just a bridge with the river barge under it and people getting on. The third one is an 8x8 instead of the usual 6x6 and is a view from the Arneson into La Villita. I like this one alot so took it to have a digital image made. Once I have 6 or so good images, I would like to have a series of prints made and maybe some notecards too.