30 July, 2010

The Black Cup 12"x12" $195.00 museum wrap

We are back from Jim's Auburn Knights Reunion and it was a memorable one. Jim's band of reunion friends recorded 12 of Jim's "tunes" and what a CD it is going to be! I am literally back at the drawing board--this is the third in the still life series. That black cup was a devil to paint. You wouldn't think so hard but had to really be aware of the edges and avoid a "cut out" look. Next I want to publish a little step by step email as my sister has been wanting me to help her with oil painting. I know this won't be everyone's thing so just delete if it is more information than you desire!! Thanks to all of you for commenting on these emails. Please feel free to pass along my blog to others who like art and painting. It is pamelaclarkson.blogspot.com.

20 July, 2010

Two of a Kind 12"x12" $195.00 museum wrap

I am loving working on these still lifes. I love the abstract shapes they form and love pushing the color to the max. Had to get one more done before we take off for Jim's Auburn Knights reunion. He will be recording a new CD of his tunes and the band will be composed of all his old cronies at Auburn and even a few young cronies. It will be a weekend full of fabulous music but no painting for me--I'll bring my drawing tablet to keep me busy.

18 July, 2010

Hay Bales and Still Life

This 8"x8" of the Hay Bales I did right before the Art Stroll. The Art Stroll was lots of fun but very hot! We lucked out with a spot under the trees and enjoyed talking to people and handing out cards. I did sell a few paintings which made it worthwhile. More important was the opprotunity to connect with the Huntsville art lovers and start establishing myself as an Alabama painter as well as a Texas painter! Now I am busy creating some still lifes to replace all those sold by my darling Little Green Store Gallery on Monte Sano. This first one will start a series using apples and cherries--love the shapes and the colors. They are done on a gallery wrapped canvas that is 2 3/8" deep with no frame. They have a more contemporary feel and give me a chance to experiment more with colors, shapes and texture in my painting. They sell for $195.00

13 July, 2010

Geese in a Row 11"x14" $265.00 framed

This may be my last painting before the Huntsville Art Stroll. Now I have to tag them all and pack them up. Just hoping for no rain and lots of lookers. These geese are everywhere here at Lake Guntersville. There are also signs everywhere that say "Keep the geese wild--Do not feed". They are so elegant swimming or walking in a row-especially when they have a string of babies trailing behind them.

09 July, 2010

" Morning Glory" SOLD and Resting Up also SOLD

Here are two new lake paintings. Both are taken from my early morning sunrise photo session last month. Since then-we had a short but violent rain storm that blew part of the roof off this boat dock! They still haven't fixed it and a big sheet of tin roofing is still lodged in the trees you see here behind the dock!

06 July, 2010

Long Gone 6"x12" $195.00 SOLD

This is the third painting I have done from this scene. The two previous ones were sold in Texas so I thought Alabama deserved one too. Looking back at the other two I can see that I am handling the trees better and the lighting is more dramatic. This one goes to the Art Stroll. I have never paintied on a deadline before, but am trying to do at least 5 more paintings before this event. Don't think I would want to do this all the time, but for now it is kind of exciting.

03 July, 2010

Sunset at Lake Guntersville 8"x8" $165.00 SOLD

I am back from my visit to San Antonio. Had a great time seeing friends and visiting the grandson and my kids. Now I am getting to work for the Art Stroll in Huntsville this July 16. Will be doing Alabama themes of lakes and Alabama countrysides-so beautiful. Then as soon as the Art Stroll is over I need to hit the still life trail as my Little Green Store has sold 6 out of the 7 still lifes I gave them and want more! I love changing subject matter so am looking forward to doing a new series of Still Life pieces. Happy 4th of July to all!