18 September, 2016

Cactus and Wildflowers 2 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325

well, I didn"t stay away from this painting too long.  That vertical post was so strong that it bothered me.  so I added some more vertical branches of shrubbery to steal some of its thunder.  there is a design rule that says whatever there is least of in a painting will attract the most attention.  For instance, if you have a blank sheet of paper and place a black dot on it,  your eye will be drawn immediately to the dot.  That dynamic was happening here to the detriment of the painting.  Now the eye is attracted to the complexity of the shurbbery first.  The branches lead over to the post and the eye slides down the post into the cactus and foreground.  And that is another design element called "transportation"

17 September, 2016

Cactus and Wildflowers 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325

Haven't decided if this is done or not.  I see areas that can be simplified and strenthened.  so will set it aside for a few days and then look at it again.

13 September, 2016

Riverwalk sparkle 6"x6" gallery wrapped $75. SOLD

Riverwalk pieces are always fun and a challenge to me.  Have done so many that I am always looking for a fresh point of view.  This is Rosita's Bridge again, but done in a pink/green color scheme.  I like stretching the reality.  After all what is the point of painting if you just copy?

04 September, 2016

Hill Country Sky 18"x28" $525

After doing some experimenting with color and shape,  I am back to a more traditional approach and subject:  hill country landscape.  to me it is still the shapes and color that i find exciting to capture.  our skies are always a source of drama and wonder.  And the show is free!