17 January, 2009

Riverwalk Under the Trees SOLD

I send an art news email every month to all who are interested. I have about 90 people on my list now but am always happy to add more. If you see this blog and would like to get my art news just leave a comment to that effect. The emails are brief and just let you know what is happening with me and my art work--it always includes a few pictures of my latest work, where available and prices. Right now I am very looking forward to a workshop in Fredricksberg next week. It is being taught by Carolyn Anderson--you can see her work by clicking on my link to her website.

12 January, 2009

Riverwalk at Night #8 SOLD

Am trying to get a few ahead in my Riverwalk paintings but they are selling as fast as I can paint! What a happy problem! Thought it might be interesting to show how I adapt a photo into a painting. It is never a process of copying, but of using the photo as a start and inspiration. In this painting I added the night sky in the upper right and eliminated the bright lighting on the upper left. And always trying to simplify the shapes so that the viewer can "read" the space but not get hung up in the details. At least that is the goal!

10 January, 2009

The Brass Plate

After posting this painting this morning I kept looking at it and it seemed to me that the background was pretty boring. So I lightened the background a bit to give it more contrast and also created a shadow of the flower that I hope adds more interest. Sometimes seeing the work in a different medium( a computerized picture in this case)helps to point out flaws. Also the color on this photo is so much truer and better. I have not figured out yet why some photos are so dull-maybe the time of day I take the pic.

The Brass Plate

Here is a still life for a change of pace. I love going to Goodwill and finding objects for still life set ups. Last week I found this gorgeous black and brass plate and the little black pot for 99 cents each. Happy to say my still life set up is working great. Still lifes are so good for sharpening your design skills. They are all about shape and line and color and edges.

04 January, 2009

Riverwalk at Night Series #7 SOLD

I think i am getting some real night glow in these little paintings. Next I will try a still life on a somewhat larger scale and see if i can use what I have learned from the night paintings. I will also give my still life set up a try out. Haven't really used it much as i got distracted with the Riverwalk thing.

02 January, 2009

Riverwalk at Night series #6 SOLD

Jim and I were at the Blue Star Brewery last week hanging my show. I had about 45 pieces to display and took up three walls. I could care less if I sell a single painting--it is just a thrill to see all that work on display. My New Year's resolution for 2009 is to try some larger pieces and start entering more shows.