28 May, 2016

Dudes 20"x30" gallery wrapped $525

I am really enjoying   getting back to painting people as a subject matter.  Am having fun flattening out some details and keeping others intact.  Like the pattern on the bandanas.  One is flat and the other shows quite  a bit of detail.

17 May, 2016

Margarita Time 5"x5" gallery wrapped $75

Always Margarita Time at the Riverwalk!    The challenge here was depicting people.

14 May, 2016

Riverwalk Red 5"x5" $75 SOLD

Have sold all my little Riverwalk pieces so doing some more.  My recent color exploration has helped me to simplify shapes and I believe that simplicity is lending strength to the design.  What do you think?

13 May, 2016

Dancers 12"x24" gallery wrapped $325

So I went through my photo file searching for pics that would work with this new way of breaking up the patterns and shapes with high keyed color.  Discovered so many pics that were sort of boring until you look at them in this different way.  I have always loved painting people and these dancers were down at Market Square one summer, enjoying the outdoor music.  I love how these colors are so intense but still retain the sense of space an depth.

09 May, 2016

Alamo at Night 9"x12" gallery wrapped $225 SOLD

So I have sold all my little (4"x4")  Riverwalk paintings.  Really need to do some more, but I am entranced by this new way of painting and seeing things.  Have decided that I will never be an abstract painter as I love to draw too much.  But this approach using color as a creative jump off point satisfies my need to change and grow.  What fun to create shapes with color while still retaining some recognizable object and even retain some depth and volume.  Have lots of ideas for this approach.  So much fun.

02 May, 2016

Even Cows get the Blues 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325 SOLD

So decided  to continue with my color experimenting.  Like why does a cow have to be any certain color and why do the trees have to be green?  So I decided to do a little Peter Max goes to Texas thing.  Remember Peter max and the psychedelic thing?  Yellow Submarine and the Beatles?  Yes, I am dating myself and proud of it!  Not that I was part of the pot and LSD crowd, but loved the artwork!  So here's to the 60's and Peter Max.