29 July, 2011

Going Home and In the Woods

We just got back from Jim's Auburn Knights reunion and a few days at Panama City Beach. I took my paint box along and did these two little paintings. Did the one of the car while Jim was rehearsing the band for one of his numbers. I learned that the theme song of the Auburn Knights is "Going Home" so dedicating this one to the Knights. The other I did at the beach during those hours when it was just too hot to go outside. We got up early to play tennis then hibernated till early evening when we could walk the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.
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17 July, 2011

My first workshop

Friday and Saturday I conducted my very first art workshop. I was pretty nervous but my students were so friendly and nice that I was soon at ease. I tried to teach them how I use photos and mostly how to work out a plan before you ever start to paint. I am now thinking that a workshop about just getting ready to paint would be helpful to many artists. So many times we are inspired and excited to start a painting, but if we don't think the design principles through--we often come up short on what we had invisioned.
I did the still life painting on the first day and the little landscape the second day. I will work on these some more but wanted to show what can be done in just an hour if you take the time to do a good drawing of what you want to paint first. In the photo of the class--you can see that they have masked off the section of the photo they are going to paint, and they have done a drawing of that area, working out the design problems (moving a tree, reshaping a mountain, raising a horizon for example), then they are blocking on that drawing getting everything in the right place before they ever begin to paint. Nothing is worse that painting a beautiful barn and then wishing you could move it over a little! Had to include that pic of baby Emily who was the best behaved of the whole group!
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11 July, 2011

River walk Umbrellas 8"x8" framed $125.00 SOLD

The challenge here was to make sense of all those people under the umbrellas as well as the tables with food on them and the gaurd rail in front. Lots of information to simplify. Also kind of a bird's eye view so had to be careful with the perspective. I think the tree here is really important in tieing it all together--kind of an umbrella shape over the umbrellas!

06 July, 2011

Sunset on Lake G 18"x24" framed

Am back from San Antonio and decided to do a larger painting. Decided it needed to be dramatic so loved the lighting in this photo. After some re shuffling of shapes and placement of light--it has made a decent painting. I never just copy a photo although I often try to capture the mood and colors--always keeping in mind that photo shadows tend to be flat and you must create your own focal ponit. The camera has no focal point--it simply records everything equally.
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