31 July, 2012

Under the Bridge 8"x8" $165

I am on a roll with these Riverwalk pieces.  I am loving the dramatic lighting.

29 July, 2012

Riverwalk Tree on Fire 6"x12" $195.00

I had so much fun with this painting.  The lighting of the tree made a chaos of color and I was forced to really look and make some sense out of it all.  Then the bottom portion is all in shadow so a wonderful contrast of light.  I  love it!

26 July, 2012

Arneson Theatre Entrance 8"x8" $145

This is the entrance to the Arneson River Theatre on the Riverwalk.  On the other side of this rounded entryway there is a series of steps that form the seating for the theatre.  Here you can enjoy mariachi bands and flamenco dancers and other entertainments throughout the year.  Maybe not so much right now while the weather is sooooo  hot!

24 July, 2012

Riverwalk and class paintings

About time to replenish sold paintings at the Riverwalk Gallery.  We are allowed 8 paintings at a time.  These night scenes sell real well and I still love to do them so that is a happy thing.  Another happy thing is the 2 day workshop that I just finished with a group of really nice artists from Huntsville.  I had them go through my process of cropping off the photo and then doing a preliminary drawing first to establish the design and placement of things before jumping into the painting part.  Just handling the paint and colors is hard enough so a drawing first really helps me to decide what looks good where.  Then I am at least confident that my painting has a chance at being successful if I can then get the colors and brushwork working!  We did a "paint along" using this photo of the tomatos and the bowl. I wish the shadows in the pic were a little less tricky, but I think everyone started to look at the colors as shapes and at least started thinking about the importance of edges.

14 July, 2012

Toomer's at Twilight 12"x16" $375. SOLD

This will be a donation to the Auburn Knights Fund Raiser.  This was my second attempt at painting Toomer's Drugs.  The first attempt just had too much junk in it.  I was trying to paint the drugstore, framed by the trees across the street.  The photo I liked was not at dusk so I tried to make up the colors from others photos and ended up making a mess.  I guess simple is always better and I am much happier with this painting.

09 July, 2012

No Hurry Today 12"x12" $195.00

Was going to name this "Its Raining Cows-Hallelujah!" but then alot of people haven't seen "Magic Mike" yet so not so funny.  Anyway I will be getting off the cow wagon with my next painting.  Jim's Auburn Knights reunion is having a silent auction fund raiser end of the month and I will be donating a painting.  Plan to do one either of Toomer's Corner, or maybe of the trees that got poisoned and won't be there much longer.  We drove over last weekend so I could take pictures.  Got some really different shots at night so will see how they can be worked up into something kind of different and dramatic.  I want it to be good so they will get lots of money!!

02 July, 2012

Sunny Afternoon 8"x16" $225.00 SOLD

Just 10 minutes from our house on the lake, just past the Foodland in Grants is a farm with these cows.  I guess people around here are used to seeing cows, but to me--it is just amazing to be so close to a farm with real cows!  Maybe you have to be "not from here" to appreciate the cows.  I just think it is the coolest thing!

01 July, 2012

Blue Star Interior 16"x20" $475

This is one I just did for the challenge of it.  It is of the interior of the Blue Star Brewery in San Antonio where we often go to listen to big band jazz on Tuesday nights.  Every Tuesday there is a different big band jazz group and they often play Jim,s arrangements as well as his original pieces.  It is a micro-brewery and that is brewing equipment you see in the background of this painting.  The chairs are painted wood and I loved the light coming through the window and the light coming from the brewing area so thought it would be a challenge to make it work.  Can't say I am totally happy with it yet.  May have to put it aside for awhile and then look at it again with a fresh eye.