24 July, 2012

Riverwalk and class paintings

About time to replenish sold paintings at the Riverwalk Gallery.  We are allowed 8 paintings at a time.  These night scenes sell real well and I still love to do them so that is a happy thing.  Another happy thing is the 2 day workshop that I just finished with a group of really nice artists from Huntsville.  I had them go through my process of cropping off the photo and then doing a preliminary drawing first to establish the design and placement of things before jumping into the painting part.  Just handling the paint and colors is hard enough so a drawing first really helps me to decide what looks good where.  Then I am at least confident that my painting has a chance at being successful if I can then get the colors and brushwork working!  We did a "paint along" using this photo of the tomatos and the bowl. I wish the shadows in the pic were a little less tricky, but I think everyone started to look at the colors as shapes and at least started thinking about the importance of edges.

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