25 January, 2016

Potted Plant 20"x24" $525

Well, I tried to push my colors a bit and that worked out pretty well.  Usually when I paint from a photo of say, a landscape; I can just refer to my photo if I hit a tough spot.  In these poinsettia paintings,  I am inventing the colors more and also the design.  For instance,  I found that the plant stems should look random but needed a stablizing element.  That is why I made those three largest leaves with a vertical orientation and then added the horizontal background lines to create a grid of sorts.

17 January, 2016

Poinsettia 24"x24" oil $325

I am trying something different!  I was inspired by my sister Penny's flower paintings so I took pictures of my Christmas Poinsettia plants to work from.  Decided to make a very conscious effort look at the shapes and colors as flat areas of color with very little shading.  Also pushed the colors to make the shapes even more dramatic.  What happened is that instead of trying to reproduce an effect with paint,  i realized I was creating my own effect, shapes and colors!  I am going to do some more like this and push the colors even more--fun!

08 January, 2016

Country Autumn 4"x4" $55

Love the autumn colors.  This is actually Alabama around late October.  We would pass this tree on our way to Huntsville.  Actually a clump of trees that the landowner deemed to let stand,  as all around is cultivated land.  Thankyou landowner because i love the shape and color against that cold clear sky!

06 January, 2016

Wimberly Boot

Every once in awhile the city of Wimberly holds an art auction raise funds for various city needs.  Since the town supports quite a few art galleries; we artists are happy to donate.  This year we were supplied with pre-cut boot shapes to decorate.  I chose to paint this sunset over  water scene.  I thought the light eminating in a vertical pattern was a perfect foil for the horizontal lines of the  clouds and shoreline.

02 January, 2016

Tables and Chairs 20"x24" $525

This is at the Blue Star Brewery, downtown San Antonio.  We often go there on Tuesday nights to hear our favorite big band group.  They often play Jim's arrangements and any new works he wants to hear played for the first time by an actual band since he creates his tunes on the computer.