31 January, 2010

Riverwalk at Xmas #4 6"x12" $295.00 framed

Love this one. Managed to get lots of texture and glow. It is in a 3" gold frame and looks very rich. I will include shipping cost in this price if sold from my website.

Just found out that I am one of the top 5 sellers for 2009 at the River Art Group Gallery at La Villita here in San Antonio. They have about 350 members so to be in the top 5 is pretty amazing--Yea!!

28 January, 2010

Lake at Sunset !0"x20" $275.00 SOLD

This month at the Riverwalk they drained the river for cleaning so there has been a lull in tourists and I am taking advantage of the break to do something other than Riverwalk subjects! This lake painting was just fun to do. I need to get more loose with my trees but I was pleased with the water and sky.

19 January, 2010

Riverwalk at Xmas #3 SOLD

Have started selling a few paintings straight from my blog so thought I might better list size and price from now on. Like most artists, I am good at creating and slow at marketing. Felt good to get back in the studio after several weeks devoted to getting my son moved back to San Marcos. We are still in the process of transfering mental health services and I am burning up the gas going back and forth but have faith it will all settle down and be better for him in the end.

This painting is #3 in the Riverwalk Xmas series. It is 6"x6" and in a gold frame. Price is $145 and will include mailing.

14 January, 2010

Riverwalk Xmas #2 125.00 SOLD

Here is a new painting in the Riverwalk Xmas series. Haven't had time to paint for awhile. have been getting my son moved back to San Marcos. He is a recovering bi-polar/schitzo affective and began getting treatment last year. He has been living with us for a year and is now going to try it alone. I think the independence will be good for him. He was my most artistic child and graduated with a degree in studio art. However the disease has robbed him of the desire to create--something that is hard for me to understand. I am hoping that in time he will start to paint and create again.