23 June, 2012

Guntersville Bridge 6"x12" $165.00

This is the bridge we cross anytime we go in to Guntersville.  This is how it looks at sunset on our way home from visiting friends in Guntersville.  It is a beautiful sight coming and going.  I am enjoying this small size again--forces me to simplify and count on color and light for an impact as opposed to lots of detail.

19 June, 2012

Heading for Shade 12"x12" $195.00 SOLD

Here in Alabama an artist needs to learn how to paint GREEN.  And by green I do not mean good for the environment but the color green.  Everywhere you look there are trees and grass--very verdant to say the least.  But while it is beautiful, it is also very challenging to paint.  These cows offered the perfect counter point--a welcome spot of orange and brown in a sea of green!

16 June, 2012

Evening Fishing 18"x24" $900

This is a large painting for me-and I am very pleased how it turned out.  My preliminary drawing was a great help with this one as it was important to get the figures in proportion to the boat and landscape.  I redrew the figures about 4 times.  Also a challenge just to do figures and not make them look stiff and unnatural.  I think they are just right--adding to the overall design, not detracting.

12 June, 2012

Under the Bridge 10"x20" $325.00 SOLD

I really had fun with this one.  I loved the contrast of water and shiny boat and old rusty bridge.  Also liked the way the dark shadow of the water at bottom, the bridge at top and the supports on each side form a frame around the boathouses and trees.  Its like a painting within a painting!  I think the bridge support on the right is a little too dark so will go back and lighten it up a bit.  Often when I photograph a painting, a problem like this will appear.  Usually when I go back and really look again at it--I will make a change for the better.

09 June, 2012

Guntersville Barge 10"x20" $325.00

As we drive over the bridge to go into Guntersville, we pass this big barge that is always moored at this dock.  The July 4 celebrations take place at this landing and sometimes other music festivals.  I'm not sure if the barge is used or not.  But it is rusty and beautiful to an artist's eye.

06 June, 2012

Portrait of Ben 15"x20"

I recently drew this portrait of my grandson, Bejamin who is almost three years old.  My daughter put it on Facebook and I have recieved alot of questions about my portraits so thought I would answer here.  The portraits are drawn on a 15"x20" acid free drawing board.  I use several different art pencils but the good old #2 school pencil does most of the work.  I used to do alot of these portraits for $100 each.  But now I charge $500 each because, frankly, they are very time consuming and I want to paint more than I want to do portraits.  John Singer Sargeant, a famous American portrait artist once said that a portrait is "a painting where the nose isn't quite right"!  And on the creativity scale from 1 to 10, a portrait rates about a 2--because it is basically copying--after all, you do want the nose to look right!  Now that I've given the negatives from the artist's side, I must give the positives from the client's side.  There is nothing more special than a hand drawn image of your loved one.  That is why I do these for all the new additions in my family-its the perfect baby and wedding gift.  I usually wait till the babies are about three and have developed some personality.  Have to admit I cried a little while doing Ben's picture-such a precious little boy and I feel so lucky to be able to show my love through my art.