27 September, 2008

Riverwalk Loading Zone SOLD

I call this one Riverwalk Loading Zone-so much fun to paint. Had may first meeting with the River Art Group in La Villita. Nice group of people and I'm looking forward to being a part of the group. Also wanted to announce that I will be having a one-woman show at the Blue Star Brewery in the Blue Star Art Complex for the entire month of January. I am busy now working up Brewery paintings as it is a wonderful subject.

21 September, 2008

Barry Framing and Lake Painting

This is my second attempt at painting a lake scene to give to our friends in Guntersville Alabama as a thankyou for a fabulous weekend at their condo and a moonlight boatride on Lake Guntersville. I painted another lake scene and brought it to work at Barry Framing to shoot it in the frame. Sold it that very day and never even got a photo of it! Which has prompted me to write a special thankyou to Barry Framing. I have worked for Dan Barry and his frameshop at 5951 Broadway in Alamo Heights for 15 years now. Before I semi-retired, I managed the shop for 10 years. The shop has been a fabulous outlet for my art work and Dan has never charged me a penny commission. He is a special guy and runs a special business--we make sure you are happy when you walk out the door. Its as simple as that. The bottom line is that we have been framing for 38 years now. Please come see us!

12 September, 2008


A new Riverwalk painting. I am happy to be doing this subject again. I love the shapes and colors and shadows and seem to learn something new with each painting. The lesson here was not to be afraid of the dark and light contrasts--let them be your design!

09 September, 2008

Jamie's house

This is my friend Jamie Maverick's house in Fredricksburg. Last Spring she invited myself and a handful of other artist friends to a paint out at her home there. We had such a great day painting and eating her wonderful food. Clay McGaughy was one of the artists and he did a beautiful drawing of her backyard shed that I purchased and have in my bedroom. Her little house was so quaint and colorful, we all had the best time. I painted her kitchen window from the outside looking in and sold it right away.
Got some good news today. Have been accepted as a member of the River Art Group at La Villita. Can't wait to start selling my little Riverwalk paintings again. I think it will be a good venue for me and I only have to work there once a month.

05 September, 2008

Moon over Desdemona

This is the larger version of Moon over Desdemona that I painted for my friend so I could use her photo. The color just blew me away and I knew I had to paint it. That twilight time of day is so romantic and I loved the shape of the tree. I am becoming more and more enthralled with trees--the never ending variety of shape and color..

new paintings

I did this little pear on a plate right after I set up my still life box just to test it out. Since then I have been doing some landscapes but will return to the still lifes soon. I think one of the best things about being a "starving" artist is that you just follow your own muse and paint what speaks to that inner being-I guess your soul. So I do a still life then a landscape or what ever feels right to me at the time. Don't mean to get cheesy about it, but just discovered an artist that just blew me away. A customer brought one of his paintings to the frameshop and I was stunned with the color. His name is Jeremy Mann-California artist. Google his site-Fantastic!