28 February, 2011

Riverwalk Stroll 8"x8" SOLD

Another Riverwalk piece. These are great little exercises in simplifying, although I think I pushed the envelope with this one. There's an awful lot going on in this little painting but I liked the back lighting of that tree.

25 February, 2011

Maverick Plaza 10"x16"framed $325.00

Thought I'd better do a few more Riverwalk paintings before we take off for Alabama for the spring and summer months. This the fountain in Maverick Plaza in La Villita. It is the center of a large courtyard where they often set up bands for dancing and food booths during NIOSA ( Night in Old San Antonio). This came from photos taken last summer when the geranium plants were full of blooms and the birds were loving the water and the courtyard was flooded with warmth and light. Looking forward to more of that kind of weather adfter this last cold winter!

11 February, 2011

Alabama Tree 11"x14" SOLD $245.00

This painting was sort of an experiment. I treid to do it in the style of an artist I admire named Mark Bohne. I have never met Mark, but through the miracle of the computer, I am able to see his paintings. I admire many artists for many different reasons. I admire Carol Marine's brushwork and edges. You can visit her website easily through a link on my blog. I admire Mark Bohne for his ability to take a simple tree or bush combined with a ditch or a hill and make it into an exciting painting. He simplifies the subject into a study of shape and color and this is what I was attemping with this painting. What I loved about this scene was the change of color from the tree at its base to the top branches that glow with the light from the sky. I think painting light is just the most exciting thing. You can also visit Mark's website through a link on my blog.

04 February, 2011

finished Hollyhocks

Just when I think this is finished and I put it in the frame--I see something I don't like. The Hollyhocks in light-the two on one stalk are too much the same size and shape. You always want to give the viewer variety. So I will go back and make one smaller or something. Other than that I like this fine. Thankyou to all that have written back to congratulate me on my acceptance in the Salon International Show. If you live in San Antonio be sure to go and see this show. It is really an international show and the Chinese and Russian artists are especially fine.

03 February, 2011

Salon International

I am so excited! Just learned that all three of my submissions to the Salon International at Greenhouse Gallery here in San Antonio have been accepted! This is San Antonio's most prestigious competition and most paintings carry a price tag of thousands of dollars-some even tens of thousands. Needless to say my little paintings do not command those prices and I do not care--I am just thrilled to be included and thrilled to have all 3 entries accepted as very few artists had 3 pieces accepted--maybe I did because they are so cheap!! Here are the ones you will see if you attend the show at Greenhouse Gallery April 2 through April 22.

01 February, 2011

hollyhocks progress

Today I worked on the shutters some more and got the hollyhocks in shadow looking better. Tomorrow I will be downtown all day at the River Art Group Gallery so won't be painting. Still have to do all the greenery at the bottom of the painting. I always try to remember what one teacher told me about foliage--It is mostly a matter of "repetition with variety"-easier said than done! And probably why I have left it last. Stay tuned.

Hollyhocks in progress

Now this is starting to cook! I am happy with this but have lots to work on tomorrow. With a larger piece like this, you just can't attack all the problems at once--taking so much more patience than the smaller ones I usually do. Here's what I will work on tomorrow:

1. The shutters are looking a little heavy handed to me. I concentrated so hard on the color that I forgot about the brushwork and keeping them visually interesting. So tomorrow I will try to vary rhe color and brushwork a little so they don't look so blocky and cartooney.
2, The hollyhocks in shadow are not dark enough and also need better shape.
3. The hollyhocks in light but outside my focal area need to be toned down some as right now thay are competing too much with the focal point.
4. Still haven't even really started on the bottom part of the painting and all that supporting greenery--ah patience!