01 February, 2011

Hollyhocks in progress

Now this is starting to cook! I am happy with this but have lots to work on tomorrow. With a larger piece like this, you just can't attack all the problems at once--taking so much more patience than the smaller ones I usually do. Here's what I will work on tomorrow:

1. The shutters are looking a little heavy handed to me. I concentrated so hard on the color that I forgot about the brushwork and keeping them visually interesting. So tomorrow I will try to vary rhe color and brushwork a little so they don't look so blocky and cartooney.
2, The hollyhocks in shadow are not dark enough and also need better shape.
3. The hollyhocks in light but outside my focal area need to be toned down some as right now thay are competing too much with the focal point.
4. Still haven't even really started on the bottom part of the painting and all that supporting greenery--ah patience!

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