11 February, 2011

Alabama Tree 11"x14" SOLD $245.00

This painting was sort of an experiment. I treid to do it in the style of an artist I admire named Mark Bohne. I have never met Mark, but through the miracle of the computer, I am able to see his paintings. I admire many artists for many different reasons. I admire Carol Marine's brushwork and edges. You can visit her website easily through a link on my blog. I admire Mark Bohne for his ability to take a simple tree or bush combined with a ditch or a hill and make it into an exciting painting. He simplifies the subject into a study of shape and color and this is what I was attemping with this painting. What I loved about this scene was the change of color from the tree at its base to the top branches that glow with the light from the sky. I think painting light is just the most exciting thing. You can also visit Mark's website through a link on my blog.

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