14 December, 2015

Riverwalk Night Little 4"x4" $55 SOLD

The Riverwalk at Night never gets old for me.

09 December, 2015

Alamo "Little" 4"x4" $55 SOLD

well, I have to have an Alamo "Little" right?  I especially like the night images of the Alamo.  Gives it a bit of magic against the stars.  Also the tourquoise blue of the sky is a great counterpoint against the basically monotone beige of the structure.  And that beige is given some drama with the golden light cast by the street light.

07 December, 2015


The "Littles" at the River Art Gallery in La Villita are starting to sell so need some replacements.  Now that our Missions have international Historic site status,  I think they will be getting more attention and therefore a good subject matter for the River Art Gallery and the great influx of tourists at the riverwalk.  Subject matter can often be the "hook" that attracts a looker--but I believe it is the color, shapes and light of the piece that turn the looker into a buyer!

05 December, 2015

Barn Shadows 4"x4" $55

I love the shadow play on this old barn.  I added that touch of red in the open doorway--the colors were so blue/green oriented that it was looking a little boring.  Also the red works as a focal point since your eye is always drawn to the odd thing in a picture that is not repeated anywhere else.