18 November, 2015

Bluebonnet tree Little 4"x4" $55

Live Oak and Bluebonnets-has to be Texas, right?
I love Live Oaks.  They have so many twists and turns that they make me think of giant Bonzai trees.

15 November, 2015

Bluebonnet Road Little 4"x4" $55

I am using some of my favorite images for these "Littles".   I originally  painted this one as a 12"x12" .  Its a challenge to simplify the details and still retain a sense of light and space in these small paintings, but I am really enjoying the freshness that comes from doing a painting at one sitting and not overworking  the details.

13 November, 2015

Taos Morning 4"x4" $55

This one I did just for myself.  This is one of my favorite images from a trip to Taos several years ago.

12 November, 2015

"Little" Riverwalk Bridge 4"x4" $55 SOLD

This one completes a set of three with a Riverwalk theme.  These will go to the River Art Gallery in La Villita.  I will do one more set of landscapes for the Art on 12 Gallery in Wimberly and see how they do.  Fun to try something different!
You can visit my blog anytime to see all of these "Littles" and many more of my paintings.  My blog is pamelaclarkson.blogspot.com.

07 November, 2015

"Littles" Riverwalk Umbrellas 4"x4" $55 SOLD

This "Little" gave me some trouble.  Not as easy as you might imagine.  Had to really edit the scene to keep the shapes and colors clean, but at the same time have enough visual information that the viewer can read in some depth of field.  I think every painting offers a lesson to be learned.  Wish I could advance my tennis every time I play!  But that's another story.

05 November, 2015

Littles-4"x4" $55.00 each set of three $150 SOLD

Some more "Littles".  Think I will do sets of three.  So three Texas landscapes-done.  Next will be three Riverwalk scenes-one done.  And then three still lifes.  Also am thinking that $45 is not quite enough once the gallery has taken its share,  so these will be $55.00 each and a set of three for $150.

03 November, 2015

Littles 4"x4" on 1" deep wrapped canvas $45 each

Decided to do some "Littles" just 4"x4".  Have noticed that there is a market for small pieces under $50.  I like the idea of original art at a small price.  I think the digital and printing technology today is impressive, but knowing you have a one of a kind original piece is priceless!