31 January, 2015

Snow Cows 8"x16" $225

Thankyou to my friend Gaye Sekula for allowing me to start with her photo for this painting.  I just loved the black of the cows against the white of the snow,  so had to give it a try.  I am pretty happy with the cows but now I see the mid ground line of trees is a little too dark and so competing with the cows so I may go back later and lighten them up a bit.

27 January, 2015

Snowlight 6"x12" 195.00

What do you think?  I think it made a big difference.  Now your eye is drawn into the sun and the shape of the fence is graceful instead of just a  line across the foreground.

Snowlight 6"x12"

OK after looking at this for awhile, I think I will rework the front fencing.  The tree is OK and I like the back trees and sunset affect but the fencing seems clunky and dull.  Stay tuned.

21 January, 2015

New Mexico Light 12"x12" $225

My sisters and I recently had a road trip from Minneapolis Minn to Albuquerque NM and then brought our 96 year old Mom with us to San Antonio.  We had so much fun talking and laughing that at one point we almost ran out of gas--not paying attention to the gas gauge!  This is my first painting from that trip.  We had just crossed into New Mexico and the magic started to happen--snow on the ground but fire in the light!

15 January, 2015

Riverwalk Cool 10"x10" $195.00 SOLD

I am happy with this painting.  I like the design of the dark tree foliage at the top balancing the dark water at the bottom.  But painting isn't  about design only.  Another aspect is being able to evoke a feeling.  And this painting to me evokes the relaxing feeling that attracts us to the Riverwalk in the first place.  Besides the food and the shops and hotels is that cool lovely water and trees.