30 April, 2010

redone barn

The foreground in this one bothered me. I have much to learn about foregrounds and decided to use this painting as a lesson. I never consider my paintings as finished. To me they are simply representative of where I am at this time in my learning process. I look at artists all the time and there are so many that I feel are more exciting, more colorful, more creative than I am. Not to say that I am unhappy with my work--I just am always aware that I am learning and changing and try not to be so in love with a painting that I cannot change it. So it was with this one. Maybe didn't make it better but at least I tackled the foreground problem in a different way. Instead of using the fence, I tried to use darker stronger colors to pull the area forward.

17 April, 2010

Hazy Day 14"x18" $425.00

Have been feeling the need to do some larger pieces lately. Time to use what I have learned from the small pieces on a larger scale. I am happy with this piece in that it is as good as I can do right now--always wanting to improve and be looser and more dynamic. The focal point (the farm buildings) is actually the easiest part because I am pretty sure of the structure and the details. Handling the field and trees is much harder. Here you need much repetition but with variety. You want them to be subordinate but still interesting. The cows are transportation from the fence to the buildings. They need to draw your eye but not steal the show! I think the frame is just right on this one.

14 April, 2010

Up the HIll 6"x8" $165.00 SOLD

I am bluebonnet crazy lately! Didn't think I would enjoy so much but you never know until you try. I especially like how the flowers can be approached as abstract forms in a very loose manner.

12 April, 2010

Field of Blue 5"x7" $165 SOLD

Here is my second attempt at a Bluebonnet painting. I wanted to paint this genre to see if I could come up with a fresh view. I think adding the yellow and red helps to make it pop and still is a bluebonnet painting. These Live Oak trees are just wonderful to paint--they have an oriental quality--almost bonsai. I think i will emphasize that quality in my next painting.

07 April, 2010

Devine Bluebonnets revised

Thankyou all for your kind comments on my paintings! But the more I looked at that bush on the right side of the painting--the more it just looked like a big ole green puff with no shape or interest. So I went back and re shaped it a little. That is the great thing about oil paint--you get to re-do until you get it right--or at least closer to right. I am much happier with this painting now.

Devine Bluebonnets 11"x14" $325.00 SOLD

Bluebonnets are in bloom in Texas! We spent an afternoon driving along Hwy 35 around Lytle and Devine taking photos. Some of the Indian Paint Brush was so vivid it simply looked unreal. We got off the freeway briefly to see if there were wildflowers in these small towns but no--seems that Lady Bird Johnson only seeded the freeways. Anyway this is my first attempt at a Texas staple--the Bluebonnet painting. The Bluebonnets are often sprinkled with red, yellow and white flowers and this is the popourri of wildflowers I was attempting to depict.