30 August, 2008

Hill Country Road

I love the Texas hill country as we call it. This is just a roadside going towards Wimberly. Jim and I visited some lavendar farms there last spring. I did several paintings from those photos and sold both, but they were not any more beautiful than this simple view of a field and trees.

16 August, 2008

Portrait of Gaby

This is my other great neice, Gabriella Olives. I used an illustration board with a bit more tooth to it this time--can't say if I like it better. Usually I use a Crescent #301-very smooth. This one breaks up the graphitie more, but you get a softer look.

15 August, 2008

draped still life set up

Just realized that these posts will be kind of backwards. In other words what I posted first will be read after the second post--oh well--You can figure it out! So here is the set up with a drape that cuts out all the ambient light and shows how a clip on light can be moved from side to back or front since the box has no sides. If you want sides, you can insert a 2 sided back drop. This is useful for draping colored cloths.

still life device

Several artist friends have asked me to post my still life set-up. Its kind of hard to explain and the pictures say it all. After shopping around for a platform that would swivel and raise up and down-we finally cannabilized a garage work light that we found at Loew's for $35. On it we attached a box made from 2 24x24 squares of 1/4" plywood supported at each corner by a 24" dowel. The whole device cost about $50 and took an afternoon to build. As you can see by the reflections on the piece of glass that I placed on the floor of the box, there is alot of ambient light even in my little shot gun studio (my studio is a former balcony that we had enclosed). The whole idea for the device is so i could get truer light on my still lifes and elimimate the double shadows caused by too many light sources--outside light, overhead light and light directed where i paint. My inspiration was a device I saw on Carol Marine's blog so she has full credit or blame!

09 August, 2008

Kate's Portait

I am loving being semi-retired. Three days a week at the frame shop and then 4 days off to do as I please. Jim and I worked on a better still life setup for my studio and I will post photos of that soon. Just finished this portrait of my great-niece, Kate Heath, 2 years old. Have done portraits for years as gifts-especially wedding gifts and of course baby gifts, but i make the parents wait until the baby is at least 2 and has some personality. This little one is full of it--she's especially good at making dinosaur noises!

08 August, 2008

Aransas Sailboat SOLD

Just wanted to post this painting as I will be handing it over to the couple that commissioned it soon. They had a photo that they loved of the sailboat but I added the sunset for drama.

02 August, 2008

Desdemona Moonlight

Seems like we have been traveling all summer. Just got back from Jim's college jazz band reunion at Auburn University in Alabama. So great for him to see all his old friends. Of course they played three of his pieces at the concerts and that was wonderful too. If you like Big Band Jazz-go to Jim's web site--you can play all his pieces and even order a CD--http://www.jimmahaffey.com.

This little painting is my warm up piece to get back in the swing after all this vacationing! A friend of mine recently moved to Desdemona, Texas and took a photo from her deck at twilight. I just loved the colors and promised her a little painting if I could use it so here it is. Plan to do a bigger version later after I complete several more commissions I need to do. Two are portraits and others are landscapes--great to be home and busy!