02 August, 2008

Desdemona Moonlight

Seems like we have been traveling all summer. Just got back from Jim's college jazz band reunion at Auburn University in Alabama. So great for him to see all his old friends. Of course they played three of his pieces at the concerts and that was wonderful too. If you like Big Band Jazz-go to Jim's web site--you can play all his pieces and even order a CD--http://www.jimmahaffey.com.

This little painting is my warm up piece to get back in the swing after all this vacationing! A friend of mine recently moved to Desdemona, Texas and took a photo from her deck at twilight. I just loved the colors and promised her a little painting if I could use it so here it is. Plan to do a bigger version later after I complete several more commissions I need to do. Two are portraits and others are landscapes--great to be home and busy!

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Anonymous said...

Great light on this painting and the boat piece above. Both lovely paintings.