31 December, 2014

Riverwalk Shade 10"x20" $325.00 SOLD

Here is the new surface--canvas on hardwood.  I like it just fine.  A little rougher than regular but I like that texture so plan to do more.  In this painting I just loved the back lighting and the way the trees framed the upper portion of the scene while the foliage at the bottom did the same--so cool and inviting!

27 December, 2014

Riverwalk on Fire 10"x20" $325.00 SOLD

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  We sure did with way too many presents, lots of wine and good food and little ones making us laugh and remember Christmases past.  I started this one before Christmas so now just finished up.  Just bought some new painting  surface and am anxious to try with my next painting.  It is a hardwood panel with a gessoed surface so will probably look and feel somewhat different from traditional canvas.  One thing that attracted me to it is that it is 3/4 inch thick and the sides can be painted so no frame required--or at least you can leave that option up to the customer whether they choose to frame or not. Frames are always problematic for the artist.  They are expensive and often what one person may like does not appeal to another.

11 December, 2014

New gallery! Art on 12 in Wimberly, Texas

Just recently I was invited to join a new gallery that recently opened in Wimberly , Texas.  Wimberly is an artsy little town about 10 miles west of San Marcos.  It is known for its art and for its lavendar fields.  The gallery owners have turned a charming old building into a very great looking gallery and the art is varied and top notch.  I believe I nabbed the last available wall space as so many artists applied to join!  It is located right on hwy 12  and on the left hand side of the road if you are coming from San Marcos.  So now you can find my work at the River Art Gallery in La Villita,  the Barry Framing and Art Gallery in Alamo Heights, and now Art on 12 in Wimberly!

24 November, 2014

Riverwalk at Night 8"x10" $195.00

Getting some new Riverwalk paintings done for the gallery.  I have sold over 100 of these Riverwalk at Night themed paintings so it is always a challenge to have a fresh view since every one is original and one of a kind!  When I take photos to work from,  I don't use any special settings--just aim and shoot.  I actually love the blurryness and the out of focus shots because they give me more abstract shapes to play with.

19 November, 2014

Mission San Juan late Afternoon 11"x14" $225 SOLD

Have decided to go back to the River Art Group after Christmas.  The Barry Framing Gallery manager doesn't mind that I show different subject matter down at the river which I think is very fair.  The Robert Hughes Gallery wanted me to be exclusive to it and although I understand that approach too--it is hard selling art and we artists need to have as many venues as we can get--or else the paintings pile up and and you end up on the TV as a hoarder!!  Besides-I love painting the landmarks of this city as it is a pretty good place to live-just saying--no tornados and no earthquakes and no 7 feet of snow-right?

02 November, 2014

Pinot Grigio Bottle is 6"x12" glass is 9"x12" $525.00

After doing several diptych paintings I got this idea to use 2 canvases but each a different size.  Then I thought, how can I tie them together or have them make sense as a pair or grouping?  So pouring the wine into the glass works as a visual connection.  And the lettering connects again!  I am excited about all the possibilities of groupings like this.

23 October, 2014

Chilli Pot diptych each side is 6"x12"

well, it has been awhile since I last posted.  Reason for the hiatus is that Jim and I bought a new house!  We loved our little condo, but  now with 7 grandkids between us; we needed more room for get togethers and hopefully lots of future overnights.  So now we have 2600 sq feet and a fabulous patio.  Jim has become grill master extroidinaire and even cooked breakfast on the grill the other day!  So now the boxes are unpacked and I really needed to try out my new studio space which is on the upstairs landing where most would have a game room.  Decided ti start with something I love which is still life.  But this one is actually done on 2 canvases.  Plan to have it framed as a diptych and then will post a photo of that.  Which brings me to my next bit of news.  I am no longer with the Robert Hughes Gallery.  After several months there and no sales; a great opportunity came up that I couldn't pass up.  What happened was that Dan Barry, owner of Barry Framing where I worked for 15 years, decided to sell the frame shop after over 40 years.  He deserves the retirement--a truly amazing man, and a good friend who started that shop with next to nothing and built it into an amazing business (love you Dan)--anyway! I went to check out the new owner and discovered that they are making it into a frame shop and GALLERY!  Yea!  What a great location-5951 Broadway--They invited me to show my paintings and have already had a sale.  I just LOVE being still connected to the shop and hope you will all stop by to see my work.  They are still doing renovations but it will be really nice when they are done.  Sorry this is so long--bye for now and thanks to all of you for your kind comments and  encouragement!

24 August, 2014

Red Hills 8"x16"

I haven"t painted for awhile.  Jim and I decided to sell our condo and up-size a bit to accomodate all these lovely grandchildren!  It takes time and effort to clean out a place you have occupied for 15 years!  So now all is neat and clean and ready to show and I get to go back to what I love--painting!  I think this one will go to the Robert Hughes Gallery.  I have also opened a shop at Etsy.com.  Just type in PamelaClarksonArtist to go to my shop.  If you click on "Favorite" then you can go easily back to my shop to see what has been added.  I love getting feed back so just leave a comment too!  Thankyou to you all for your encouragement!

05 August, 2014

Lake Duet (diptych) and Shadow dancing (triptych)

Did these paintings while we were in Panama City, Florida.  Really had fun with the separate canvases and I am liking the frameless look--very clean and contemporary.  For prices go to my online gallery at dailypaintworks.com.  And don't forget to go see my work at the Robert Hughes gallery in the Bluestar Arts Complex down on South Alamo her in SA.

21 June, 2014

Auburn Knights donations

Starting in 2012, the annual Auburn Knights Reunion has included a silent auction to raise funds for music scholarships at Auburn University.  So once again I am happy to donate some of my artwork towards that good cause.  This year I am donating two pieces.  "Beach Break-Auburn Style" came from our latest visit to the beach when Jim spotted some orange and white umbrellas and commented that they would look alot better with an A-U logo on them.  Then we got home and I thought--why not add an Auburn banner under the porch of this boathouse  lake scene for the lake lovers!  I call this one "Boathouse-Auburn Style".

09 June, 2014

Blue Star Exterior 11"x14" $225

Decided to celebrate my new affiliation with the Robert Hughes Gallery by doing a Blue Star Brewery painting.  This is the outdoor patio of the brewery.  It is right next door to the gallery and a good place to stop for refreshment when you are worn out with looking at art at all the galleries in the art complex!

31 May, 2014

San Fernando Cathedral 8"x10" $195.00 SOLD

Last month I participated in the Fiesta Art Show at Main Plaza.  This Cathedral faces the Plaza and is one of the oldest churches in the US.  These roses were in full bloom and although I rarely paint flowers--these were too beautiful to resist.

21 May, 2014

Painted at the Beach

Just got back from a week in Panama City Florida.  Painted these two paintings while we were there.  Well, my pasty white skin can't take the sun and surf ALL day!  The top painting is called New Mexico Vista, 11"x14".  The bottom painting is called Roadside Bright", 14"x18".  I am hoping that these and a few other paintings will be accepted at a really nice gallery in San Antonio.  Should know by the end of the week and then can put a price on them.

06 May, 2014

Live Oaks and Spotted Mountain re-do

I am having alot of fun exploring the shapes of these Live Oak trees.  Hoping that as I do more of them, I will get looser and more dynamic with the brush.  I worked on the spotted mountain some more and am happier with it now.  This is a better photo but I also lightened up the purple mountain and added darker purples and brighter reds to the foreground.

03 May, 2014

Had a bit of trouble with the glare on this one and color is not quite true.  The Spotted mountain is not quite so dark, but after many photos this was the best one.  Don't know why some paintings are harder to photograph than others.  Think I will go back and place a few more vibrant darks in the foreground.  Since that mountain is so dark and dominant,  I think the foreground could use a little more interest to pull it forward and create more depth in the painting--can you see it?  I'll repost later and see if it helps.

29 April, 2014

Wimberly Lavendar Field 12"x12" $225.00

Recently I discovered a fabulous way to get free art lessons online.  Just go to Youtube and type in art or art demos.  OMG!  I discovered an artist named Peter Fiore and was so inspired by his bold use of color and brushwork.  I viewed his video (free) about 10 times and then sat down and painted this lavendar field painting in less than 4 hours.  Sometimes you just need to see what you like and then aim for it--fearlessly because no one is keeping score!

25 April, 2014

On the Way to Taos 12"x12" $225

For some time now I have been wanting to show my landscapes and still lifes in another gallery besides the River Art Group Gallery in La Villita.  I love the RAG Gallery but usually   show small Riverwalk oriented pieces because that is what sells there.  Anyway I submitted some images to several nice galleries in San Antonio and got a call back from one that I would be very excited   to show with.  Won't say what one yet because it is not a done deal yet.  The owner wanted a New Mexico scene and a Texas scene to decide and this is my New Mexico scene--wish me luck!

22 April, 2014

Oh Those Bluebonnets! 10"x20" $325 SOLD

A bright beautiful Texas day and the Bluebonnets were out in full force.  This was southeast of San Antonio, near Cuero.  I truly love the shapes of the Live Oaks here--all twisted and  unexpected.

10 April, 2014

Veggie Plate 8"x16" $195

I just loved the shape of these veggies.  You might notice that each one occupies about the same amount of space which could be very boring.  But the smaller amount of red in the tomato against the larger amount of green in the chiles and the pepper keep things just enough off balance to be interesting.  At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

02 April, 2014

April in Colorado 12"x24" $425

Felt like doing something larger so this is 12"x24".  Dug through my photo file and found this scene taken on a trip to Aspen a few years ago with two good women friends.  It was April but we were greeted one morning with an all white wonderland.  Such a treat for a Texas gal who seldom sees snow!  I love the foreground all in shadow and the mountain in the distance in full light--sort of the reverse of most scenes and really fun to paint.

25 March, 2014

A Little Lime 10"x10" $145

These still lifes are my ode to abstract painting.  The challenge here was to put all the objects on one side of the canvas but still retain interest on the other side.  I think by making the plain jane white side larger--that helped to balance.  But also the limes and shadows of the glass form and interesting shape that cuts into the white side so the green and the white are linked together.

20 March, 2014

portrait finish

This is the portrait finished.  I will let it sit a few days and then look again with fresh eyes to make any adjustments.  I don't do too many of these pencil portraits  any more.  I raised my price to $500 a face just because I would rather paint.  But I do these for family wedding gifts and every grandchild and new neice and nephew gets a portrait done when they are three years old.  I like to wait till they are three and have formed a little personality.  Anyway this one is for one of my oldest friend's parents and since they have known me since I was in my twenties--they are family!

19 March, 2014

portrait progressing

The portrait is progressing.  I can already see that her left eye is a little gimpy so need to work on that.  As you can see, I am using multiple photos and knitting together to make the whole portrait.

16 March, 2014

commission portrait 16"x20"

Haven't done a pencil portrait in awhile.  They are always a challenge.  Funny thing is that if i know the people, I seem to get the portrait right quite easily.  Must be something subliminal about it!  These lovely people are the parents of one of my oldest friends who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  This drawing is of them at their wedding 60 years ago and then at the lower right will be their present day selves.  My friend's Dad commissioned this gift as a surprise for his wife.  Man, is he going to get major points for this!!  I'll post more as the drawing progresses.  There will probably be changes as I go along, so see if you can detect them.

06 March, 2014

Chamisa in Snow #2 16"x20" $425

I did some more work on this painting and thought it might be fun for you to guess what changes I made and do you think it improved the painting?  The top painting is the finished one.  So here is what i did:  Made the background trees in the right hand corner more solid so they relate better to the other tree shapes.  Made the chamisa less clumpy and more lacey so that the background fence comes through in more areas.  And lastly, I unified the foreground by making it all in shadow so the patches of snow in sunlight are more dramatic and pull your eye right to the chamisa which is the star of the show!

05 March, 2014

Chamisa in Snow 16"x20" $425

Was wanting to do something a little larger than my usual Riverwalk pieces.  So dug into my photo file and came up with this view of a snowfall close to my sister's house in Albuquerque.  I love the warm/cool colors of this one.  The warmth of the chamisa color makes that snow and sky feel even colder!

18 February, 2014

Rose Window 6"x12" $165.00 SOLD

This is the Rose window at Mission San Jose in San Antonio.  There are 4 other missions besides the Alamo and often people don't take the time to see them all as they are sprerad out along what we call the Mission trail in San Antonio. They are well worth the effort to see and this beautiful ornate window is really a treat to see.  Now when painting this--you really have to squint and simplify the shapes or risk worrying about eery little curlique and missing the strength of this design.

03 February, 2014

Lone Star Night 6"x12" 165.00

I love the design of this painting.  It has such beautiful shapes.  The verticality of the Friendship sculpture is repeated in the verticality of the umbrella poles and the tall building in the background. Then the horizontal lines are there in the bridge and the tables of the outdoor seating.  Tieing it all together is the circular shape formed by the arch of the bridge and the fencing around the tables. I didn't make up these shapes.  They are all there if you look.  But as an artist I do manipulate the lines and colors to lead your eye through the painting..  One example would be that i added that row of lights along the top of the bridge to emphasize its horizontal pull.  I also pretty much invented the candle light on the tables because they add a glow that relates back to the stars in the sky--it all helps to unite the background with the foreground while the various shapes make it interesting--I hope!

29 January, 2014

Riverwalk Break 6"x12" $165 SOLD

I am busy re supplying the River Art Group gallery with paintings.  Have sold 5 this month.  Actually sold 3 last week to the same customer.  I take that as a really nice compliment as they must have liked my vision of things.  I do like to paint  things but not in a photographic way.  I always want the magic of the paint and the color to enhance the reality--so call me corny and romantic.

19 January, 2014

Lemon Shot 12"x12" $195

Seems like ages since I've been at my easel!  We got back from Alabama the first of December and of course Christmas activities and shopping had to be done.  Then January is our month for check ups-eyes, teeth, bloodwork, mammagram--seems the older you get, the longer the list!  Finally things are settling down.  We have joined a senior's tennis league at the YMCA and I am painting again-yipee!  Decided to warm up by doing a still life and you know how I love to paint glass.  This yellow/purple combo is a sure winner.