29 January, 2008

small paintings

I have been very impressed with the painting a day group so decided to try some of my own. Of course what takes them just an hour or less to toss off takes me much longer. But I like how the small size forces you to simplify.
The gallery at La Villita-The Susan Carlin Studio and Gallery I should say- is still a work in progress. Susan has been working so hard to make it really nice--new flooring, new walls, new counter and model stand. It is going to be a real living studio with the artists creating art work right there. The public can visit with us as we work and hopefully buy lots of our art! We are hoping to have the doors open in early February which is fast coming. Hope you will all stop by and say hello. I will be there every Thursday once we are open. Just check back here for updates!

25 January, 2008

finished chiles

I think this is finished. Had to have Jim hold it up for the photo so please excuse the fingers! I decided not to include the decorative white dots on the plate--didn't add anything and was actually a little distracting. I am so impressed with the "Painting a Day" series that is done by Carol Marine, an Austin artist. You can buy her paintings on EBay--a goal I would love to reach. This painting is for sale for $275--includes the frame if you like it. Email me or just log a comment which I always check.

23 January, 2008

Chile Painting

Here I have drawn the design on the canvas just using one tone of color. This just gets the shapes in the right configuration.

Here the painting is pretty much done. I still want to make the colors a little more intense in the foreground and add the decorative white dots on the plate. The background was pretty boring so I added some slashes of color.

18 January, 2008

starting a new painting

I thought it might be fun to show you how I start a painting. I usually start with a photo or a still life set up. This time I am using a plate of chiles. My first drawings here are not very exciting. The chiles are too centered even when I draw them bigger to create better shapes.

This one is better

This drawing is much better. The placement of the plate is off center and more dynamic. The background now has its own shape and is more interesting. This might work for a painting. The colors will be oranges and green with accents of purple. I will post this painting as it develops--stay tuned!

17 January, 2008

Learning to blog- ARANSAS BOAT-SOLD

So I am learning to blog! Want to add lots of pictures of my paintings. Each one has a little story since I take my camera just about everywhere. Later I will go through my photos and place the ones that capture my imagination in a special photo box. I then choose a photo to transform into a painting. Usually I will get out my trusty sketch pad and start drawing value designs. I add and subtract shapes and values until I arrive at satisfactory begining. Things often change as the painting progresses but a good start is important.

14 January, 2008

Pamela Clarkson Artist

Hi everyone--welcome to my blog. I hope to use this site to display my artwork. I love to paint and draw. I will be showing some of my portraits that I do in pencil as well as my work with oils. I paint all kinds of subject matter--landscape, still life and portraiture. For me the subject is secondary to the color and shapes that form it. My goal is to create exciting colors and shapes that just happen to form a flower or a mountainside.
I came to Texas 15 years ago when my ex-husband retired from the Air Force. I have worked for Barry Framing Inc in Alamo Heights for 15 years and loved every minute of the framing business. I've had a wonderful time designing framing for all kinds of art. Also have met many fabulous local artists. One particularly wonderful artist-Susan Carlin-talked me into creating this blog! She will be opening a new gallery in La Villita soon and I will be showing my work there. Will write more about that later--once I figure out this blog thing. So we will see how this goes!