25 September, 2010

Snowmass Tree $200 SOLD

This is another Snowmass painting for my friend Julianne. Am finding that the snow is really fun to paint. This will probably be my last post until we get back to San Antonio. I have really enjoyed our time here in Alabama. I have an Alabama calendar available called "Discovering Guntersville and Nearby Places" with 12 of my original Alabama paintings. You can go to my Facebook page to see all the paintings.. If you would like to "friend" me just send an invite. I am finding that Facebook is a good contact for alot of people.

22 September, 2010

Winter Cows in Snowmass SOLD

This is the first of three paintings I am doing for my dear friend Julianne. She has the neatest condo in Snowmass Colorado and wanted some original art for it. She has so kindly offered to let me attach a business card so I can sell these to her condo ski renters if they are so inclined I think it is a neat way to market art. Original art is a hard sell in a down economy as the little extras are always what we cut down on first. So why not try something new.

07 September, 2010

Wildflower Madness SOLD

This painting will be my donation to the San Antonio Art League's annual fund raiser. Wanted to do something very Texan and I love the Texas hill country in the spring when the wildflowers are everywhere--and especially when they are mixed in with that ever present stand by--the Texas cactus! Maybe I should title this "Beauty and the Beast". Any other suggestions?