21 May, 2010

Lake Guntersville Evening 8"x10" $165.00 framed

I am very happy with this lake painting. It has the cool refreshing feel that the lake gives off--especially at the end of the day as the sun is going down behind the hills. I now have several paintings at Percasso's in downtown Guntersville. It is a cute little gourmet coffee shop that serves coffee and snacks and shows local artists.

18 May, 2010

Low Sun 8"x10" $175.00 framed

This is the first of I hope many lake and landscape paintings of northern Alabama. I am now showing at the local coffe shop called Percasso's in Guntersville. It is a darling place that serves gourmet coffee and snacks and has a nice set up for the local artists to show their work. Didn't have too much "local color" subjects showing and that is my "thing"! So now I will have the still life pieces at the Litttle Green Store on Monte Sano and the lake and landscapes at Percasso's in Guntersville. This Thursday we plan to go to Huntsville for the sidewalk artist sale event held once a month in the summer. Could be another venue for me so want to check it out.

14 May, 2010

Riverwalk at Night #22 6"x6" $125.00 framed

Now I am ready to start on some Alabama landscapes. Will be doing a lake picture first. Lake Guntersville is just so lovely I plan to do many!

11 May, 2010

Riverwalk at Night #21 6"x6" $125 SOLD

Will be doing several Riverwalk pieces before I start in on Alabama subjects. Always need replacement pieces for those sold on the River walk and I love doing the night pieces.

Portrait in Pencil

Just finished up this pencil portrait for my friend's newlywed son and wife. I often give these as a wedding gift. i let the couple send me a photo they like and I go from there. I loved that this couple chose a casual shot from their honeymoon. My regular fee for this work is $200 per person.

09 May, 2010

New Gallery

We are back in Alabama for the summer. Got word that my Mill Villa Gallery was closing so now have a new gallery at the Little Green Store on Monte Sano mountain between Huntsville and Guntersville. It is a delightful store full of eco friendly things--from wine to soap with lots of local artwork featuring ceramics and jewelry as well as paintings.
We are pretty well settled in now and I have started a few Riverwalk pieces but soon will be doing some Alabama landscapes. The trees everywhere here are so big and great shapes so will be fun.