25 July, 2013

Geraniums Again 12"x12" $195.00

I don't seem to tire of these geraniums.  To me,  each view is entirely different because I am painting the shapes and the light rather than just the flowers.

08 July, 2013

Geranium Shapes 12"x12" $195

I love these shapes and shadows.  They have an oriental feeling to me and I don't know why!  Maybe it is because there is no deliniation in the background--in other words no horizon line to indicate a table on which the glass is placed.  There is only the variation of value and color from top to bottom to create the depth. 

04 July, 2013

Maverick Plaza Fountain 8"x8" $145

Needed some more small paintings for my Riverwalk Gallery.  I love this fountain that is close by the gallery in la Villita.  It is most beautiful in summer with the pots of geraniums around it.  There's a little shadow from the frame at the top, but you get the idea.  I like the white frames.