26 October, 2008

Blue Star Bar SOLD

I am very pleased with this painting. I did it in practically one sitting and forced myself to obscure the details and go for an atmospheric impression. I tried to just indicate details especially in the background. I did a pencil study first to make sure the design elements were there and lead your eye around the painting adequately. The pencil study always gives me confidence that the painting will work. Then it is up to me and the magic of color and brush to make it sing. This one is not perfect or anything but it does give a great impression of the interior over at the Blue Star Brewery.

13 October, 2008

Blue Star Brewery

I am much happier with this new Blue Star painting. The design is stronger and the color better and a better sense of atmosphere. Next I will try an interior scene. Had a great birthday--took my daughters and their partners to Cowboy's Dance Hall and introduced them to all our dance friends.

10 October, 2008

Reworked Brewery Painting

After I posted this painting I realized a big design problem. There were green clumps of foliage in each corner of the painting! So I redid a little--not so pleased but time to stop on this one. Sometimes it is just best to stop!
I had my first day with the River Art Group and have sold three paintings already this week. Today Jim and I took down three new paintings to replace the sold ones. Then we strolled on the Riverwalk and ate lunch. Such a beautiful day and also my birthday! I am getting old a dirt but still having fun!

04 October, 2008

Blue Star Brewery

This is my first Blue Star Brewery painting. I will be showing my paintings there for the entire month of January. I took lots of photos last week--interiors as well as exteriors. I mask off areas of the photos to get the best design posibility. Then I do a value drawing to establish the light and focal point. Sometimes I even run the photo through a computer program that gives me different color tints for the scene. Always my aim is to loosen up and make the painting "sing".