26 February, 2013

Hide and Seek 10"x10" $165.00 SOLD

Really tried to have less defined edges in this one so that the lime that is behind the gass jar is super simplified.  The sharpest edge in the whole painting    is on the lime  in the middle of the canvas.  Hopefully this is the edge that draws your first glance.  Then the shadow and round bottom edge of the jar pulls you into the circular patterns formed by the light and shadows.  This is what artists call "transportation"--leading your eye around the painting.  The background edge of the gold cloth is the least defined edge because it needs to stay back and give the painting some depth.

23 February, 2013

Limey! 10"x10" $165.00

This is the first of I hope many 10"x10" still lifes.  I can see now that I am pretty adept at creating solid shapes and placing them in an interesting pattern.  Next I'd like to concentrate on some more creative interpretations of the edges of things.  Sounds like alot of "art speak" and I have never liked the pretention of all that.  So really what I mean is that I'm getting a little bored with these so time to try something different!

15 February, 2013

Guacamole! 12"x12" $195.00

Love the colors in this one!  I have put some of these still lifes up for auction on the Daily Paintworks web site where I also have an online gallery.  The way it works is that I post the painting in their auction catagory.  I place a minimum bid on it-in this case--$100.00.  It is then open to bidding for one week.  The highest bidder uses Paypal to purchase the painting which is sold to the highest bid plus $25 mailing.  Of course if one of my fellow San Antonians purchased a painting,  I would deliver it free and reimburse them the mailing fee.  This is an excellent way to purchase art for very reasonable prices.  Some pieces start with a minimum as low as $5.  Go check it out!  DailyPaintworks.com.   If you can't find it--go to my blog--pamelaclarkson.blogspot.com and there is a link.

10 February, 2013

Lemon Shot 12"x12" $195

I love painting glass!  The reflections and highlights form such wonderful shapes.  I also liked this color scheme.  Purple and yellow always pop bnecuase they are complementary colors (opposite each other on the color wheel--like red and green).

05 February, 2013

Pot and Chiles 12"x12" gallery wrapped canvas SOLD

These are just what I needed to push my colors and design.  I am going to order some 10"x10" canvas so i can do a series of these to show at the River Art Group Gallery in La Villita.  It is a co-op gallery so the members are limited to the amount of paintings they can show.  I am allowed 6 small paintings (under 22" united inch-that's the length plus the width) and 2 large paintings-over 22" united inch.  These united inches also include the frame.  So these frameless pieces will allow me 6 larger pieces than if i had a frame on them.

02 February, 2013

Chiles & Limes 12"x12" $195.00 SOLD

Got a little shine on the left hand side of this painting photo.  Glare is always a problem.  Anyway I am really having fun with these still lifes.  They are simple and bold and I am learning alot about shadows.  Also learning that it is a challenge to make those large simple shapes of background or negative space interesting.  I will try to pusdh both of those areas in the next painting. I still have to paint the sides of this painting as it is on a frameless 2" deep canvas--tomorrow!