31 August, 2013

Late Afternoon 12"x12" $195.00

The late afternoon sun warmed everything up and made some beautiful colors.  It was a challenge to refrain from placing any blue in the sky.  Your mind says "blue sky", but if you really look,  you see that the sky is just as influenced by that late afternoon sun as the landscape!

21 August, 2013

Mission Shadow 8"x16" $195.00 SOLD

Will be going back to San Antonio soon so always need replacewment paintings for the River Art Gallery at la Villita.  Hadn't done any mission pics for awhile so why not.  I'm always looking for a different point of view and this shadow thrown by the palm tree just fit the bill!

18 August, 2013

Rose Window 6"x12" $165 SOLD

This is the Rose window at Mission San Jose in San Antonio.  Alot of people don't know that there are 4 other missions there besides the Alamo.  They are all really interesting and worth the effort to see.  Now when painting an ornate design like this, you have to really squint and simplify the shapes lest you get all picky with the ornateness and miss the strength of the design.

08 August, 2013

New Mexico Light 14"x18" $325

Felt like getting back to my roots a little.  New Mexico is endless fascination for me.

03 August, 2013

Where's Mama? 12"x12" $195 SOLD

Don't usually do this but after posting that last pic I was not happy with the focus or the color.  This one is truer to the painting.  I think the over cast sky outside made the pic colors too cool so moved near a warm lamp light and got a better color.