21 June, 2014

Auburn Knights donations

Starting in 2012, the annual Auburn Knights Reunion has included a silent auction to raise funds for music scholarships at Auburn University.  So once again I am happy to donate some of my artwork towards that good cause.  This year I am donating two pieces.  "Beach Break-Auburn Style" came from our latest visit to the beach when Jim spotted some orange and white umbrellas and commented that they would look alot better with an A-U logo on them.  Then we got home and I thought--why not add an Auburn banner under the porch of this boathouse  lake scene for the lake lovers!  I call this one "Boathouse-Auburn Style".

09 June, 2014

Blue Star Exterior 11"x14" $225

Decided to celebrate my new affiliation with the Robert Hughes Gallery by doing a Blue Star Brewery painting.  This is the outdoor patio of the brewery.  It is right next door to the gallery and a good place to stop for refreshment when you are worn out with looking at art at all the galleries in the art complex!