24 December, 2011

12"x12" Mission San Jose $225.00 SOLD

This will begin a new series of the San Antonio Missions.  This is Mission San Jose.  We ran into a little glitch trying to photograph this mission. I figured that the afternoon light would be lovely between 5 and 6 pm that day.  I like a late afternoon light because it makes for long dramatic shadows and if you hit it just right, you get a golden glow just before the sun goes down.  Unfortunatley, the mission doors CLOSE at 5 pm!  So we arrived just in time for some beautiful light but very limited access to see the mission.  Obviously this view is from outside the walls, but ever the optimist, I tried to make lemonade from a lemon of a photo shoot--plan to go back soon!

13 December, 2011

River Barges at Night 6"x6" $145.00 SOLD

The Riverwalk paintings are selling well and I am struggling to keep up.  Must stop for some Christmas shopping!

05 December, 2011

Night Umbrellas 5"x7" $125.00

Am trying to get a few more of these Riverwalk paintings done before Christmas.  Still need to take pics of the new Xmas lights they have installed--so much to do-so little time-life is good!

02 December, 2011

NIght Stroll 6"x6" $125.00 SOLD

Have decided to do more of these little Riverwalk paintings.  I love the way they force you to simplify as there simply isn't much room for detail.  And yet you can achieve a good sense of space by paying attention to the main shapes, the values and the highlights--and that is what creates an exciting image--not the details!

27 November, 2011

Little Church at la Villita 6"x8" $195.00

This is the first time I have painted the little church that is right next to the River Art Gallery in La Villita.  It needed the drama of the night to make it exciting.  It is a working church and the venue for many weddings although it is as its name implies--little!

16 November, 2011

Xmas Glow 6"x6" framed $145.00 SOLD

Here I am with another Riverwalk painting because that last one sold the day after I took it to the gallery!  I am so grateful that people are still willing to spend their hard earned money on a little piece of art.  And thankyou to all of you who respond to my emails and give me praise and criticism (that's really OK and sometimes very helpful!) and lots of chuckles (G.C. you know I'm talking to you!).

13 November, 2011

Xmas Lights on the Riverwalk 5"x7" $175.00 SOLD

Another Riverwalk piece.  Need to get down to the Riverwalk and get some more photos--what a chore--forced to stroll along the River, stop for a margarita or two and suffer through this severe Texas winter.  May have to wear my Uggs if it dips below 70!

31 October, 2011

Riverwalk at Night 6x12 $195.00 SOLD

Had to get one more painting done beore we leave or San Antonio. The Riverwalk paintings are steady sellers and I always enjoy painting that night glow. As you can see- my eph key is still not working. Ater checking or errant Cheetos ragments and much ussing and uming and a it or two--we will be buying a new board when we get to SA!
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23 October, 2011

Snow scene re-do 10x20 $265.00

I worked on this one some more today and now I am just done. I reach a point where it gets overworked. I am not totally happy with the snow or the trees, but it is the best i can do right now--time to move on to another painting.
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22 October, 2011

Snow in Albuquerque 10x20 $265.00

Having trouble with the color on this one. The greens are dark and not showing up at all. Will try again when varnish has been applied.  The adobe color is also way too pink.
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18 October, 2011

Taos Colors 12"x16" SOLD

For the Greenhouse Competition in May 2012, I have to enter paintings that have not been offered for sale before. So I am holding back on this series of Taos paintings so I can legally enter them in that show. Seems like a hardship for artists to hold back on sales, but I suppose the gallery wants to say these have never been offered for sale before. I'm not sure I agree with that approach, but that is how it is. This painting was a lesson in simplifying all that mountain enough so that the viewer is still interested in the foreground area--but still facinated by the mountain. Its a visual tension that I think makes a painting lively!
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05 October, 2011

Senorita 16x20 framed $550.00

This painting has just won third place in oils in the annual River Art Group Show in La Villita, downtown San Antonio.  I am very happy to be in the top three.  I did this painting using photos from a live model from a workshop I took with Daniel Kaliwick.  I hadn't done a portrait in oil for quite a while although I do occasional portraits in pencil.  Portraits are good for your drawing skills because you have to get the nose, eyes, mouth etc in the right place and the right configuration--unlike say a tree or sky where you can play around with the shape and color.

04 October, 2011

Alamo #5 6"x12" framed $195.00 SOLD

This is my fifth Alamo Painting but the first time I have used this  6x12 format.  I love the dramatic lighting at night-always a challenge to paint.

29 September, 2011

Park Out Back 6"x12" unframed oil $165.00

We have a baby girl!  7 lbs 4 oz and 20 and 1/2 inches long.  Name is Vivian Pamela Gates.  During the waiting process I have been painting--this one is another New Mexico landscape-love those mesas in the distance.

28 September, 2011

Back at the Ranch oil 8"x16" $195.00

trying out my pay pal button on this painting-just click to buy!

21 September, 2011

Back at the Ranch 8"x16"

Here I am in San Antonio waiting on the new grandchild. Looks like it will happen on Tuesday. In the mean time I am playing tennis and painting. I love this size canvas for a landscape. This is New Mexico where the vistas go on forever. Something about that clear dry air-you can see for miles and miles.

13 September, 2011

Texas Flowers 6"x6" $95.00 framed

One last Texas painting before I head for San Antonio to await the birth of my second grandchild. Hope I posted these photos in the right order--photo , then drawing. then the painting. That is my basic process-really pretty simple.
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10 September, 2011

Riverwalk Bells 8"x10" $145.00 framed SOLD

I am always looking for a different slant on the Riverwalk paintings. These bells are the backdrop at the Arneson River theatre and are especially beautiful at night.

27 August, 2011

Chamisa in the Light 14"x18"

I am loving the direction these New Mexico paintings are taking! I am trying for a more chunky, painterly approach while also trying for more color boldness. I tend to over work and fuss over details, so am also trying to "let it be" and that is the hardest part!
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23 August, 2011

New Mexico Colors 12"x16"

I am trying to treat this series of new Mexico paintings as lessons in shape. Trying to treat each band of color as an abstract shape as well as a landscape. When I think of it as abstract shapes, it helps me to push the color to the limit. But I still have to remember that I am also showing spatial relationships between the mountains in the distance and the field and buildings in the foreground. Its just fun to push those color limits but still give a spatial depth. I think this one worked out pretty well!
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18 August, 2011

Good Morning Taos

The Taos Church that I painted before this painting was a challenge because the light was full daylight and the shadows were very dark but the light areas were very light. This painting is a stark contrast in that the light here is much softer and the contrasts are very subtle. Here the light is just coming from beind the mountain. Everything in the background is recieving the light before it reaches the foreground. But then there is that small amount of manmade light coming from the home. I loved the colors that were made that morning. It was about 530 am and my sister ,Penny, and I were visiting some good friends in Taos. Just think-they get to see this beautiful light every morning!
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12 August, 2011

Taos church 16"x20"framed $375.00

Felt like getting back to my roots with a New Mexico painting. Even though I have spent much of my life as a military dependent traveling all over the world, I am a third generation New Mexican and was born in Santa Fe. This Taos Church is probably one of the most often painted churches in America--made famous by Georgia O'Keefe. You can see why its beautiful shape draws artists and I am no different and wanted to give it a try.
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02 August, 2011

Fiery Sunset 11"x14" framed $195.00

With this painting, I liked the position of the sun in one photo, but the colors in another photo. So I just combined them. I also compacteed the position of the mountains for a more dramatic design. I love that you can use photos in this way. For this reason I keep a photo file (actually a shoe box full of photos) and I rarely throw out a photo as you never know when you will use some aspect of it in a creative way!
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29 July, 2011

Going Home and In the Woods

We just got back from Jim's Auburn Knights reunion and a few days at Panama City Beach. I took my paint box along and did these two little paintings. Did the one of the car while Jim was rehearsing the band for one of his numbers. I learned that the theme song of the Auburn Knights is "Going Home" so dedicating this one to the Knights. The other I did at the beach during those hours when it was just too hot to go outside. We got up early to play tennis then hibernated till early evening when we could walk the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.
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