29 May, 2011

Lake Reflections 10"x20" $275.00 framed SOLD

I have been thinking about focal points lately and how the artist can emphasize certain areas of the painting and not emphasize others so that the viewer is led to the focal point that the artist wants--visual sabotage so to speak! Anyway i tried to emphasize the relections in this painting as opposed to the reality of the trees. I used my strongest colors and contrasts and highlights in the reflections. I think it at least makes an interesting tension because your mind is saying that the trees are what is real and substantial but the reflections are more fun to look at!

24 May, 2011

Small lake-6"x12" framed $165.00

Now I am on a roll with these lake paintings! I am working from photos I took last fall right before we left Alabama to head back to Texas. The trees were turning red and gold and made beautiful reflections in the water. I ran out of large canvas so had to make do with this little 6x12--which forces me to simplify the shapes and I think the design is stronger for it--something to remember when I do a larger size.

21 May, 2011

Lake Water 10"x20"framed $225.00

For a long time I really didn't like painting trees and foliage--seemed way too complicated and therefore boring. But then i took some landscape painting classes and learned to squint and see the larger abstract shapes that the little leaves form. Now I see everything in terms of shape and color and so this becomes lots of fun to find the abstract in the reality.
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17 May, 2011

Riverwalk at night-both SOLD

I have done lots of these Riverwalk at Night paintings because they are so popular at the River Art Gallery. I really never gert tired of them because it is always a challenge to get that night glow. Its especially pretty at Christmas time when the bridges are all decorated with tiny lights like in these paintings.
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09 May, 2011

Lean On Me 12"x12" $195.00 museum wrap-no frame

This ends a series of six hyper colored still lifes. The object was to saturate as much color as possible into the objects and their surroundings. I am hoping that I will be less afraid of intense color now and use more in the future--no matter what the subject matter.
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07 May, 2011

Surrounded 12"x12" $195.00

Yea! It works! So now I can say Hello to everyone from North Alabama--Tornado Country! We just now have our internet restored, but no complaints from us. We were very lucky and suffered no damage although there are ripped up towns and cities all around us. We were without telephone, cable and internet for over a week, but now all is returning to somewhat normal. However life will never be the same for those people who lost their homes and loved ones. I am just thankful to be back at the easel and looking forward to the Huntsville Art Stroll on May 19th from 430 to 800--hope all my Huntsville friends will come on out!
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apples on fire 12x12 museum wrap-$195.00

I am trying a new photo program so lets see if this works.
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