21 April, 2011

"Orange Plate" 12"x12" $195.00

This still life was fun to do but those concentric circles were hard! I guess I am wearing out these oranges but they are giving this series another common thread besides the vibrant color, so may have to keep them!

18 April, 2011

Gold! 12"x12" $195.00

Same objects but an entirely different color scheme. What is it about intense color that is so satisfying? I don't know but i like it. I discovered an interesting link that you might have fun looking at. There is a group of painters called the Daily Painters who post a new small painting almost every day. Recently they started having a paint challenge where they choose a subject matter or a particular photo to work from and then any artist can submit their answer to the challenge. This week the challenge was to do a painting with a cetain color scheme using the color wheel as a guide. My "red" was a complementary color scheme of dominant red with a small amount of green in that tomato leaf. This "Gold" still life would also be complementary but using dominant orange and a small amount of blue in the salt shaker. Complementary colors are those situated directly across from each other on the color wheel--red/green and orange/blue. Go to dailypaintworks.com to check it out.

15 April, 2011

Red! 12"x12" $195.00

I really had fun with this still life! The red actually became like a neutral color after awhile. I have to do some more of these-next will be a study in yellow and purple.
I have entered this painting in The Daily Painter's Challenge. There is no prize or ribbon. it is ,however, a wonderful opprotunity to network with other artists. Each week they post a challenge-this week it is a color challenge. other weeks it may be a challenge to paint a certain subject matter or all work from the same photo. The artists can also offer the paintings for sale if they wish. So if you are interested in this particular painting or any of the paintings on my blog-simply leave a comment or write to me at maclarksy@yahoo.com. I have added the dailypaintworks.com link for your convenience. Look under Artists I Like.

11 April, 2011

Cherry Trio 12"x12" $195.00

Decided to do some more of these frameless still lifes for my Monte Sano Little Green Store gallery here in Alabama. I always love a green/red dynamic! I am going to concentrate on color with this series. Landscapes usually involve matching your colors to nature, but still lifes offer more freedom since who knows exactly what color that cup is!

07 April, 2011

Alamo at Night 5"x7" $145.00 SOLD

These Alamo paintings are a challenge--making a hackneyed subject matter interesting. But who doesn't love the story of the Alamo and the sacrifice for freedom. The story retains its power even today--maybe even more today in this unsettled world. And so-I try to give it a feeling of dignity and awe-it deserves our respect.

04 April, 2011

Barbed Wire and Bluebonnets 8"x10" $125.00

Can't get more Texas than Barbed Wire and Bluebonnets! When I decided to try some bluebonnet paintings I wanted to try some different perspectives than the usuual field of bluebonnets. This painting is really more about the tree than anything else. The Live Oaks that we have in Texas are almost oriental looking to me. I love the unexpected twists those limbs take.

Looks like I may be teaching a workshop at the Huntsville Art League maybe in August. I guess I'll just show my process--how I convert a snapshot into a painting--no secret to it-just alot of looking and editing.