18 April, 2011

Gold! 12"x12" $195.00

Same objects but an entirely different color scheme. What is it about intense color that is so satisfying? I don't know but i like it. I discovered an interesting link that you might have fun looking at. There is a group of painters called the Daily Painters who post a new small painting almost every day. Recently they started having a paint challenge where they choose a subject matter or a particular photo to work from and then any artist can submit their answer to the challenge. This week the challenge was to do a painting with a cetain color scheme using the color wheel as a guide. My "red" was a complementary color scheme of dominant red with a small amount of green in that tomato leaf. This "Gold" still life would also be complementary but using dominant orange and a small amount of blue in the salt shaker. Complementary colors are those situated directly across from each other on the color wheel--red/green and orange/blue. Go to dailypaintworks.com to check it out.

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