25 August, 2010

Flower Still Life 11x14 framed $195.00

I did this one just for fun. I wanted to paint something that was all white so I could concentrate on the values. It is harder than you might imagine. My colors are too vivid and way too lavendar if you look at the photo. Getting a neutral gray is hard. Next time I do this I will use my color isolation tool and really try to mix the exact gray that I see. The color isolation tool is simply an old film canister with a 1/4" hole poked into the bottom. You look through the hole and isolate a color on your photo or set-up or landscape. Then try to match that color in your painting. By switching back and forth between the color on the photo and on the painting you can more easily determine if you need more yellow or red or blue in your mixture.

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Carol Marine said...

Really cool, Pamela! I love this composition. Yes, neutral grays are super tough. I often think, after I'm done painting, that I should stop every once in a while and compare my grays to something really neutral, outside my painting. But I always forget.