18 August, 2010

The Red Barn, A Chorus Line (the cherries), and Alabama Road

Our computer developed a virus and has been in the computer hospital for 3 days. It is all better now-thank goodness-you'd think it was a family member the way we have missed it! I am doing the last Art Stroll of the summer in Huntsville tomorrow. Just hope it doesn't rain. These three new paintings will be included in that. I really like the Red Barn. It was one of those paintings that just came together easily right from the start. I think it is the result of painting on a regular basis these days. Before when I was a working person, I had to paint on the weekends or in the evenings for an hour or two after supper. Now I can devote a 4 or 5 hour chunk of time most every day if I wish and now I am reaping the benefits fo all that practice!

1 comment:

Virginia Floyd said...

I like all three.

The Chorus Line painting really interests me. You have so much color in your paintings. I found your comment about putting a color in more than one place in your paintings very helpful. So I looked to see where you put the red from the cherries in this painting. It's really beautiful.