02 August, 2010

more step by step

Here is the palette that I use. White, cad yellow medium, cad yellow deep, cad red light, alizarin crimson, veridian green and cobalt blue. Some times I use a few more but with these you can make any color. I pour a blob of Liquin on the palatte too and mix a little into all my mixtures as a drying agent. Later I will use it as a sealing varnish. To start the painting I usually choose something simple and actually try to make it look good. It gives me confidence that I can continue that throughout the painting. Some artists try to block in the basic colors but since I have a nice drawing to go by, I can take my time and move from area to area as I wish. I usually try to put in my darkest color first which is the stem and leaves of the flower here. I painted the flower first, then the apple leaving the jar for last. I can then be sure to include colors of the apple and the flower inside the jar which gives the whole group a unity. I painted for about 5 hours and now the canvas is pretty wet, so i will let it dry overnight and tomorrow I will work on making the background more exciting, punch up the highlights and clean up the darks.

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