24 August, 2014

Red Hills 8"x16"

I haven"t painted for awhile.  Jim and I decided to sell our condo and up-size a bit to accomodate all these lovely grandchildren!  It takes time and effort to clean out a place you have occupied for 15 years!  So now all is neat and clean and ready to show and I get to go back to what I love--painting!  I think this one will go to the Robert Hughes Gallery.  I have also opened a shop at Etsy.com.  Just type in PamelaClarksonArtist to go to my shop.  If you click on "Favorite" then you can go easily back to my shop to see what has been added.  I love getting feed back so just leave a comment too!  Thankyou to you all for your encouragement!

05 August, 2014

Lake Duet (diptych) and Shadow dancing (triptych)

Did these paintings while we were in Panama City, Florida.  Really had fun with the separate canvases and I am liking the frameless look--very clean and contemporary.  For prices go to my online gallery at dailypaintworks.com.  And don't forget to go see my work at the Robert Hughes gallery in the Bluestar Arts Complex down on South Alamo her in SA.