27 August, 2011

Chamisa in the Light 14"x18"

I am loving the direction these New Mexico paintings are taking! I am trying for a more chunky, painterly approach while also trying for more color boldness. I tend to over work and fuss over details, so am also trying to "let it be" and that is the hardest part!
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23 August, 2011

New Mexico Colors 12"x16"

I am trying to treat this series of new Mexico paintings as lessons in shape. Trying to treat each band of color as an abstract shape as well as a landscape. When I think of it as abstract shapes, it helps me to push the color to the limit. But I still have to remember that I am also showing spatial relationships between the mountains in the distance and the field and buildings in the foreground. Its just fun to push those color limits but still give a spatial depth. I think this one worked out pretty well!
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18 August, 2011

Good Morning Taos

The Taos Church that I painted before this painting was a challenge because the light was full daylight and the shadows were very dark but the light areas were very light. This painting is a stark contrast in that the light here is much softer and the contrasts are very subtle. Here the light is just coming from beind the mountain. Everything in the background is recieving the light before it reaches the foreground. But then there is that small amount of manmade light coming from the home. I loved the colors that were made that morning. It was about 530 am and my sister ,Penny, and I were visiting some good friends in Taos. Just think-they get to see this beautiful light every morning!
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12 August, 2011

Taos church 16"x20"framed $375.00

Felt like getting back to my roots with a New Mexico painting. Even though I have spent much of my life as a military dependent traveling all over the world, I am a third generation New Mexican and was born in Santa Fe. This Taos Church is probably one of the most often painted churches in America--made famous by Georgia O'Keefe. You can see why its beautiful shape draws artists and I am no different and wanted to give it a try.
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02 August, 2011

Fiery Sunset 11"x14" framed $195.00

With this painting, I liked the position of the sun in one photo, but the colors in another photo. So I just combined them. I also compacteed the position of the mountains for a more dramatic design. I love that you can use photos in this way. For this reason I keep a photo file (actually a shoe box full of photos) and I rarely throw out a photo as you never know when you will use some aspect of it in a creative way!
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