24 November, 2014

Riverwalk at Night 8"x10" $195.00

Getting some new Riverwalk paintings done for the gallery.  I have sold over 100 of these Riverwalk at Night themed paintings so it is always a challenge to have a fresh view since every one is original and one of a kind!  When I take photos to work from,  I don't use any special settings--just aim and shoot.  I actually love the blurryness and the out of focus shots because they give me more abstract shapes to play with.

19 November, 2014

Mission San Juan late Afternoon 11"x14" $225 SOLD

Have decided to go back to the River Art Group after Christmas.  The Barry Framing Gallery manager doesn't mind that I show different subject matter down at the river which I think is very fair.  The Robert Hughes Gallery wanted me to be exclusive to it and although I understand that approach too--it is hard selling art and we artists need to have as many venues as we can get--or else the paintings pile up and and you end up on the TV as a hoarder!!  Besides-I love painting the landmarks of this city as it is a pretty good place to live-just saying--no tornados and no earthquakes and no 7 feet of snow-right?

02 November, 2014

Pinot Grigio Bottle is 6"x12" glass is 9"x12" $525.00

After doing several diptych paintings I got this idea to use 2 canvases but each a different size.  Then I thought, how can I tie them together or have them make sense as a pair or grouping?  So pouring the wine into the glass works as a visual connection.  And the lettering connects again!  I am excited about all the possibilities of groupings like this.