28 February, 2008

Pencil Portraits

My children have been urging me to post some more portraits on this blog. So here is an example, using my two boys when they were ages 5 and 3. All I need to draw from is a good snapshot--formal photos work too as I used with the boys. This was a picture taken at K-Mart many years ago when they would have a special and bring in a photographer. Many professional photographers today have copyright restraints on reproducing their photo in any manner, so I prefer to use snapshots. I also learned a lesson this week about posting clients portraits on my blog without their permission. I had naiively ( ie. stupidly) posted the progress of a portrait; thinking it would be of interest to the artist internet community. Like many of us I am new to this technology and ignorant of its abuses. At any rate I want to apologize wholeheartedly to that client. I will be careful to obtain permission before posting any portraits in the future. Thank goodness my boys said OK-just kidding--I still have the copyright on them!

17 February, 2008

another Riverwalk

I am on a roll now! Getting less detailed and color is cleaner. Doing a painting a day is really working. Can't say I am in love with any of these but can see progress which is great. I am still working at the frame shop three days a week so tomorrow I work all day but plan to start another small painting tomorrow night.

Riverwalk Painting SOLD

Here is my second attempt at the Riverwalk series. Still think I am putting in too much detail. but the shadows are better. Have to remember that shadows in photographs are almost always too dark. I do love the contrast between the shadows under the bridge and the sunshine on the umbrellas.

small riverwalk painting SOLD

Here is another Riverwalk painting. This one is a bit more successful. Still putting in too much detail, but the shadows are better. Have to remember that shadows from a photo are almost always too dark. I do love the contrast between the shadows under the bridge and the sunshine on the umbrellas.

16 February, 2008

Riverwalk Painting SOLD

So Friday is my day to work at the Susan Carlin Art Studio and Gallery in La Villita. I love being there, talking to people and working on a painting. I have decided to do a series of small 6x6 riverwalk subject paintings. My first attempt you see here. It is OK but I see now that I am trying to fit too much information into the small space. Need to simplify. Also need to watch my shadows as they are too dark I think. Am learning alot with these small paintings. After a series of let's 10 of these I think I will try a big piece and see how I approach it differently or not. Every painting is an adventure!

03 February, 2008

Gallery at La Villita

The Susan Carlin Studio and Art Gallery at La Villita is now open!! It was a real push to get it ready for last night, but a convention of 2000 dermotologists having a party right outside our front door was too good to pass up. Susan was running on empty after working so hard on all the millions of things she had to get done, but she managed to stay vertical and even talk to people--she is an exceptional artist as well as an exceptional person. I feel so thrilled to be a part of this adventure and want to do all I can to make it a success. I met Mary Sheppard (the other artist--there are just the 3 of us). She does oils and watercolor. She is not a portrait artist unless you consider portraits of old cars and barns. She puts so much character into them that they really are like portraits!

Please come by and visit with us and watch us paint. I will be there every Friday. Mary will be there on Wednesdays and Susan will be there on all the other days.